#WordPress 4.7 Update Failed, Now What?

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I was very excited when I heard that WordPress 4.7 was finally released. It’s the first time I had been following a WordPress Update. I’d been expecting it for a few reasons like – a built-in CSS editor in the theme customiser, video headers and the launch of the new Twenty Seventeen Theme. I’m not planning on using the new theme, but I think it’s a great way to see the best implementation of new features.

I came over to this site and logged into my dashboard where I saw the update prompt and ran it. Success! I had updated my site. My baby has been sick so I figured I’d check out the new features some other time.

Days passed. I still didn’t see an update notice on my review blog. And then, I remembered that ever since moving my blog to a new host, [from GoDaddy], I had issues with updating. I had imported the installation into Softalicious [a software installer program in my cPanel] and was updating my WordPress version through that.

With that in mind, I headed over to my cPanel and ran my update and then I went to my site and it wasn’t there. The site and admin dashboard gave me a 500 error. Over the next few days, I restored my site and tried to manually update several times. It didn’t work.

Manual update entails connecting to your site via FTP and uploading the WordPress files.

This didn’t work. I contacted my hosting provider for some help, and while the guy was really nice, he didn’t have a solution. I got frustrated. I looked on the WordPress forums and saw they mentioned disabling plugins. I tried that but it didn’t work.

They mentioned clearing your cache. I tried that; didn’t work either. They said to uninstall a cache plugin but I didn’t have one.

After a few days I restored my site and said I would try one more time. I re-downloaded the WordPress files and then curiosity got to me. Why did I have a “Flush Cache” button in my dashboard if I didn’t have a cache plugin?

So for kicks I looked in my files and found one of the files the WordPress 4.7 Masterlist mentioned. I deleted it and then I also saw some weird plugins with gd infront of the file names. I researched and found out that they were GoDaddy plugins.

I deleted those too.

Voila! That did the trick. It turns out that GoDaddy had installed some stupid plugins that added a cache, and a couple other plugins. One suppressed my dashboard from showing me when a WordPress core update was available, which would allow me to update from within WP. I guess these plugins were compatible with previous versions of WordPress but not this one.

So in digging I solved two problems. I got my WordPress to notify me of updates. AND,  I got my WordPress updated.

So in the end, 2 lessons learnt. Pay attention to details and research always helps to get the best answer.

If you are experiencing issues with updating please try ALL of these options that apply to you. If you tried those and think the others don’t, but your update still doesn’t work, then try those too.

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