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why-wordpress-1People may think that WordPress isn’t for them because it’s for bloggers and while it’s true that WordPress is built for bloggers, it’s also built for business owners and professionals as well.

You can forgo the blog feature by adding a static home page and creating a custom menu that excludes the blog page.

Or you can rename the blog to something like News or Announcements and use it to share new information about your business. Since it’s not named blog, people will probably not expect you to posting regularly.

WordPress is so robust.

Here are some examples of what you can do with WordPress:
  • Create Pages and Posts. These can be used to create a website for your company, and add an announcement or blog section. E.g., A Photographer can use WordPress to create a site for their business. Using pages, he or she can create a contact page, an about page and a landing page. Using the blog, they can share tips for amateurs to help them take better pictures.
  • You create a custom post type such as Portfolios. Using portfolios, a photographer could create a new portfolio for certain jobs that they’d want to show off to customers and friends.
  • You can add plugins to expand your site capabilities like adding a customer support forum or built-in chat.
  • You could create your own social network like Facebook.
  • You can have your post shared to your social networks automatically.
  • You can make your images sharable on Pinterest.
  • You can embed videos, podcasts and, music.
  • You can use it for hobbies, or work.
  • You can use it to sell your products, physical or electronic.

I can’t even think of all the ways you can use it. Just think of a type of website and you can probably use WordPress to do that too.

But why should you use WordPress instead having a custom built, from scratch, website?
  • It’s cheaper. You’d have to pay someone to code that website for you when instead you could use a free theme. You’d still have to pay for hosting and a domain name.
  • You can even host your WordPress site from your own server just like you could if you had a regular HTML site [except you’d need a PHP admin but you can get that free too].
  • WordPress itself is free so you don’t pay the developers anything to use it, although you are required to keep what you create open source, and give credit.

WordPress even offers a totally free option, WordPress.com. There you can enjoy and learn to use most of WordPress’s features for free. Your domain will be an extension of wordpress.com but it’s possible to add a custom domain. You won’t be able to customise a much or add plugins, but it’s great for taking WordPress for a test drive.

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