Where did January go?

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where did january go

I had plans for this blog, then January happened.

Okay so, I also had plans for January which didn’t go anything according to plan.

My baby came 2 weeks early, I wasn’t ready to go on Maternity Leave just yet but babies come when they decide to and we don’t always get to choose when. That was rather uneventful [meaning nothing out of the ordinary happened]. However, I have not had more than 2-3 hours sleep since January 10th [my baby was born on the 12th, 6 minutes after midnight but I couldn’t sleep since the 10th with weird aches and illnesses].

She is the most perfect little girl I’ve ever seen and she is a darling too. She had latching issues, which I found out is rather common although I guess not to scare people, they avoid telling you this fact. I had no problems nursing my son and although he was born only 5lbs 10oz, 9 oz less than his sister [6lbs 3oz], he had gone up to 9.75lbs by 1 month old.

My poor daughter on the other hand, lost weight at her first week check up. Again, normal, her paediatrician assured us. And then, with her latching issues, when she started to pull off and cry we thought it was something related to that. However, we decided to call the doctor. He told us, without seeing the baby, that she had “colic”. My husband and I were upset that he would diagnose the baby without even examining her. We decided to get another opinion because she had become lethargic and she felt lighter to me. Thank goodness we did. Turns out my baby had pneumonia.

How could this have happened? No one knows. But we have since done a deep cleaning of the house and are now stricter with anyone who wants to visit her. No one is allowed to kiss, her even on her hands. No one can talk too close to her face. And there’s a lot of hand washing before the baby can be held – and clothes changing. She was in the hospital for 5 days and 4 nights and we will now spend the first year of her life paying a hospital bill. She had to go daily for injections up to last Saturday.

January surely didn’t go as planned.

I did not get to read my books because I’ve been spending my time holding my baby. I literally held her for days. She jumps in her sleep and sometimes refuses to be put down but I am just glad that we got that second opinion.

Today we took her for a follow-up with her new paediatrician and she weighs 7lbs 8oz. I’m overjoyed. My leave isn’t going to plan either but I don’t mind so much any more. I stopped taking on new review requests for right now. I am still reading these 2 books slowly but I can make no promises. Having two children isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, especially after 11 years.

To top things off, I had to spend time repairing my PC’s network issues before I could even get on the blog, update WordPress and plugins and start this post. I will try my best to update you all with what’s going on.

I’ve been watching Marvel’s Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d. and I started watching Charmed [hehe]. I’ve also watched Still Alice which was on my challenge for last year which I didn’t complete.

As I finish this post, I’ve taken a break to nurse and tried to set this little girl down but no such luck. I end here because I have no choice. She’s on my lap and my hands are needed elsewhere.

Till next time.

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