Week in Review: December 21st 2015

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Over time, the style of the blog has changed and with it the types of things I want to post. I wanted to do update posts, but don’t feel like the Reading List is the right place to put it, and since I have retired the Reading List this month, I felt it would be a good time to start a recap series.

I still haven’t decided what will officially replace the Reading List, but I’m working on it.

For this week, I’m starting with my first Week-in-Review. Although the name suggests that it will be a weekly thing, I feel like some weeks are not productive with the blog and thus, there might not be anything to say for that week. The greatest thing about this blog though, is the name, The Review Court. I feel like the name gives me enough room to grow and expand without limiting myself to one thing or the other. Like, my original name was The Book Junkie; and how could a book junkie blog about Movies, for instance?

Last week was the Fall finale of Grimm! Already? Yes! And that’s because they made us wait a whole damn week to get see what happened to Trubel. There’s a huge secret revealed in this finale, therefore go and watch this episode before it comes back because then I will definitely be spoiling it.

We had paused on watching Stargate Atlantis for a little bit. That’s because we discovered Arrow. Surprisingly this is a pretty good show for the CW. Forgive that insult, but each time I see a show being advertised that airs on the CW it always seems like a corny soap opera type. Granted Arrow does have it’s share of soap opera drama like, guy sleeps with girlfriend’s sister then they are both¬†presumed dead but guy comes back [from the dead] and finds out that his best friend is now in love with his used-to-be girlfriend. Doesn’t that sound very soap-opera-ish?

Other than that though, it’s actually a pretty decent show based on the Green Arrow from the DC Comics who first appeared in 1941. I’ll be doing a review this week on this.

We’re back to watching Stargate Atlantis season 4, where Samantha Carter is the new head of the Atlantis Expedition. This season actually flows better like an actual story. You can see continuity through the episodes, something that was very missing from the previous seasons. ¬†We have about 5 episodes left in this season and then we have to decide if we want to go ahead and finish the show or pause again and watch season 2 of Arrow.

Either way, we won’t be watching too much this week since it’s Christmas week. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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