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In the aftermath of Season 1, I constantly find myself pissed off that Elderidge Palmer is still alive. There are things to like in this season and things that are just a bit annoying.

For example, F and Nora develop and test a virus that is harmless to humans but not to Vampires. Through this season, like a good part of season 1, F is a “wanted man” yet he manages to get around a lot and no one is actively after him.

There’s lots of drama happening that’s totally unrelated to the vampire plague. There’s drama between F and Nora. A new “love triangle” between Fet, Dutch and Nikki. Elderidge Palmer has a new play things and there’s drama for them too.

This season we get some flash backs but not nearly as interesting as last season’s where we learnt of Professor Setrakian’s life and how he got to this point. This time around it’s focused on Thomas Eichorst. There’s one flash back from, the dhampir [half vampire / half human], Quinlan. I hoping that in next season we get some more flash backs from Quinlan. He had chosen to be a farmer but yet he is back to this life, how did he get there?

The season actually ends pretty messed up. On one hand someone dies who you wanted to die [but not one you wanted to die from the beginning of the show] and someone else dies that you totally don’t want to die.

Zack is a total pain in the butt and I’m kinda rooting for him to become a vampire kid just because he’s sooo annoying.

Final Thoughts

I think the show needs to get some new villains. I hate to complain but when you’re stuck on a villain for a long time your tolerance for them eventually dries up. I would hate to see this show run into the same problem as did The Following. I though that was an excellent show if only they would have gotten rid of the whole weird relationship between Ryan and Joe.

The Verdict

4 Stars

4 Stars

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