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Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker Book Cover Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker
Game of Thrones #6.3
David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
May 8th, 2016
Daniel Sackheim

Daenerys meets her future; Bran meets the past; Tommen confronts the High Sparrow; Arya trains to be No One; Varys finds an answer; Ramsay gets a gift.

Spoilers are so abundant that I gave up on hiding all of them. Shocker moment has been hidden.


Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones was a bit confusing. This tends to happen when you read the books and watch the show. You get confused. You don’t know whether it happened that way in the book or in the show. The two stories intertwine and get blurred into one.

This week, Bran and the Three-Eyed Crow visit a scene at the Tower of Joy where Ned Stark and Howland Reed [Meera and Jojen’s father] go to rescue Ned’s sister Lyanna, who is being held prisoner. A fight ensues with Sir Arthur Dayne and Howland Reed stabs Ser Arthur in the back to save Ned’s life and then Ned kills him. My confusion here isn’t that it didn’t happen, but merely that in the books we never actually see what happens, it is only ever a story. However, I do recall the story specifically stating that Howland Reed saves Ned’s life but somehow they make Howland Reed and Ned Stark seem less honourable than they are. Bran seems hurt by the “truth” of what happens and tried to confront his father but is reminded that he can’t.

I’m confused again when we go to Daenerys’ story because I don’t know if there was actually a point in the books where Dany did go to Vaes Dothrak or she is only told to go there. Well now she there and her faith has not been decided. So pretty much nothing happens. It is funny though, how they tell her that all the wives of the dead Khals think their husband will conquer the world yet they end up there in Vaes Dothrak.

I find Jon’s execution of his murderers quite amusing. I mean, he’s technically alive, but they did kill him. He grants them last words and I didn’t expect Ser Alister to ask for forgiveness but I did expect that Olly [is that his name?] would. The cold look that he gives Jon just doesn’t make me feel sorry for him. I mean, he said “for the watch” when he stabbed Jon but you know it’s not for that reason. It’s all about revenge. What surprises me though is that Jon leaves. This makes me wonder what is his purpose for staying on in the show. Plus, what going to happen when Sansa gets there? He’s leaving, so how will he see her? Funnest thing though, is how he declares his watch “is ended”. It’s true but normally when your watch ends you aren’t walking around. Perhaps now the oath may need a bit of updating, eh? LOL.

I’m a bit unsure of what’s happening with Arya. In the books we used to know what goes on in her mind. She did a really good job of pretending to become “no one”. I’m wondering if the pauses before her answers to the question “who are you?” is the shows way of letting you know that Arya is still in there some where.

I feel like we haven’t seen Sam for a while and yet we only get a brief boring glimpse that tells us that he’s taking Ginnie and little Sam View Spoiler » to his hometown.

View Spoiler »

Omg! The end of the show was quite a shocker. I was telling my husband that I’m sure the last book mentions View Spoiler » but he doesn’t recall. That’s the only real shocker moment worthy of watching the show for yourself. Mind you, if you follow me on Twitter you probably know I already sort of spoiled it there.

I’m interested to see how this whole “Trial by Combat” goes for Cersei. She’s getting quite annoying so perhaps the High Sparrow should choose someone with a poison tipped spear as his champion and let’s end this once and for all.

The Verdict

4 Stars

4 Stars

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