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Game of Thrones: Home Book Cover Game of Thrones: Home
Game of Thrones #6.2
TV Show
Dave Hill
May 1, 2016
Jeremy Podeswa

Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven; Jaime advises Tommen; Tyrion demands good news; at Castle Black, the Night's Watch stands behind the throne; Ramsay Bolton proposes a plan; Balon Greyjoy entertains other proposals.

Home – Recap

We finally get to see Bran and the three-eyed crow, who takes Bran on a little journey into his family’s past. They travel to Winterfell back when his father was a boy, and he sees his uncle Benjen and aunt Lyanna. He also sees a young Hodor. View Spoiler »

Then in Winterfell, present day, we see that Lady Walda gives birth to a baby boy. View Spoiler »

We also get to see what’s happening in the Iron Islands. Balon Greyjoy is finally killed and there will be a king’s moot even though Yarra [Asha], sometimes I forget they changed her name for the show, believes her father would want her to become queen. However Kings and Queens don’t inherit the crown in the Iron Islands. View Spoiler »

Theon and Sansa will part ways. Sansa will go on with Brienne to The Wall, and Theon wants to return to the Iron Islands.

Much of nothing really happens in King’s Landing other than the High Sparrow coming to visit Jaime.

In Meereen Tyrion plays Dragon tamer and releases the dragons from their chains.

And finally, at The Wall, time is about to run up on Jon’s friends and Ser Davos, when Ser Allister wants to storm the room they’ve barricaded themselves in but Dolorous Edd and the Wildings, led by The Magna of Thenn, arrive and capture the traitorous bastards. View Spoiler »

My Thoughts

This was a great episode. However while parts of the story has caught up with the books, and others have passed it, there are still some story lines that haven’t quite caught up. Last week I mentioned that Margaery has already been released by the time Cersei is released. We haven’t heard anything from Sam, whose story actually happens at the same time as Jon’s except in A Feast for Crows.

I personally don’t feel anything for what’s happening with Ramsey, other than the expected feelings of disgust.

I’ve always felt pretty sorry for Bran. He’s been dealt the crappiest hand of them all. He’s cripple, and then he has to travel far away only to realise that this three-eyed crow’s power, that will be passed to him, is one of the lamest ever. He gets to see the past and the present through the weirwoods but he cannot interact with it.

Most of the things that happened in this episode didn’t really do anything for me. I’m a bit puzzled about why Tyrion looses the dragons. View Spoiler » Tyrion doesn’t really have a reason.

Arya passes a test and gets to return to the House of Black and White. That’s literally all that happens with her. Very boring; and all this has already happened by the end of the fifth book.

The best and most interesting thing to happen in the episode, and the only reason it deserves a 5 star rating is for what happens at The Wall. Personally, I feel like the show has taken a lot of the supernatural elements out of the story. Sure they let Bran experience it, and Melisandre birthed ¬†shadow babies, but there is more warging in the story. View Spoiler »

The Verdict

5 Stars

5 Stars

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