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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

This week’s episode, sticks to the story line more than some previous episodes, but really touches a controversial topic. In the novels Martin, introduces controversial topics, but he is more conservative in how this is tackled. I’m 90% content with this episode, but some times things are just too much. I completely didn’t watch the last part of the show.

This article contains spoilers from the show and the books. Book spoilers have been hidden by default.

GoT S05E06

Summary And Comparison

This episode somewhat brings the story closer in the direction of how it is in the novels, albeit still off, mostly due to changes made earlier in the show.

Arya’s encounter with the hall of the many faces, comes somewhat prematurely in her story. She is shown the room but has not really gone through any of the initial steps towards being a faceless man[woman].

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Tyrion and Jorah are captured by slavers. Tyrion convinces them they can get a lot for Jorah since he is a fighter. But then the slavers decide that Tyrion is worthless and wants to kill him, then remove his man-parts which can be sold for a lot. However, Tyrion uses his wits to buy him some time by telling them that they cannot prove his parts are from a dwarf without the dwarf.

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In Dorne, Jaime and Bronn arrive at the Water Gardens and try to take Myrcella from Trystane. However she doesn’t want to go with Jaime and Trystane sees blood on them and knows that something is amiss. He is knocked unconscious and the Sand Snakes arrive at the same time to try to kidnap Myrcella. A fight between the 2 men and 3 women ensue, but is called to a stop by Doran Martell’s guards. Everyone is arrested, including Ellaria for assisting in the plot to kidnap Myrcella.

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There’s a lot happening in King’s Landing, in this episode. Lady Oleanna, Queen Margaery’s grandmother, visits to speak with the Queen Mother, Cersei, about letting Loras go. However Cersei pretends to be busy and leaves her waiting, and then reassures her that Loras will only have an inquest and that surely he will be let go.

Cersei also meets with Littlefinger who tells her that he has “found” Sansa in Winterfell. Everyone knows not to trust this fool, so I am glad that Sansa has Brienne looking out for her. Cersei says she will make him Warden in the North, but only when she sees Sansa’s head on a spike.

At the inquest, the High Sparrow, let’s both Loras and Margaery perjure themselves before then bring out Loras’ male lover to prove they are lying. Loras is again arrested and this time, so is Margaery.

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At Winterfell, Myranda tries to scare Sansa by telling her stories of what Ramsey has done with the women who have bored him in the past, after he has used them. For the first time, you really see Sansa being brave. She confronts Myranda about loving Ramsey and tells her that she is Sansa Stark, and this is her home, and she will not be afraid here.

However, the show just slaps you in the face. Sansa is then married to Ramsey and afterwards, he rapes her and forces Theon/Reek to watch. To me, this move somewhat contradicts what the show is doing with introducing a love relationship for Ramsey, with Myranda.

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Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this episode overall, however, GoT has gotten back-lash from introducing rape into the show. I just think that if you will add new material, worst in form of rape, it has to be for a good purpose [if that is ever possible]. Rape, although common in times of war, is a very sensitive issue, and should not be tossed in your face. I couldn’t even watch the last scene. I just turned my head and did something else. Personally, I think Sansa was showing much promise and I think this takes away from her strength which has just been given to her.

The Verdict

4 Stars

4 Stars

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