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The Broken Man Book Cover The Broken Man
Game of Thrones #6.7
Epic Fantasy
TV Show
Bryan Cogman
June 5, 2016
Mark Mylod

The Broken Man

Is it only me, or do you also feel like this season hasn’t really surpassed the book material as much as you expected? At the end of last season, we still had some material left over from the fifth book. Also, Martin had already shared some chapters from Book 6 with us as well. I haven’t read the chapters other than one from Alayne [Sansa], and by now you know that her story is much different in the show than it is in the books.

Season 6 is starting to feel like book 5 and a half. And that’s rather disappointing considering that we’re at episode 7. I’m also a bit sad because normally Martin writes episode 9 [which is always the best episode of the season], but he didn’t this time around.

Anyway, let’s get on with it shall we?

Jaime and Brienne didn’t meet in this episode however, View Spoiler ». Most of what is happening now with Jaime has actually happened in the books already and the fact that he and Brienne are headed to the same place means that the storyline, along with that of Bryden Blackfish, is finally going to [sort of] catch up to the books.

This week we didn’t see anything from Sam, Bran, Daenerys, nor Tyrion. Or, might I add, have we heard anything from Dorne since episode 2 or 3.

We did, however, get to find out the faith of the Hound. View Spoiler » He is alive. A Septon who was once a criminal finds him and takes care of him but then he doesn’t die. Instead, he stays with them until the brotherhood comes along and kills everyone in order to take what they have. The Septon was trying to convince Sandor that he can be a changed man but seeing that, being changed the didn’t work out for the Septon, I think that he will not walk away from fighting.

In King’s Landing we find out that Margaery’s sudden change of heart is only really in fear of the High Sparrow. I believe she is also doing this to ensure that she is on a new side that Cersei cannot interfere with as well. Although she seems to be going along with this, she secretly gives her grandmother a drawing of a roses while she begs her to go home where she is needed [all the while Septa Unella stays watch over their conversation].

Cersei begs the Queen of thorns to stay but she tells her that she knows she [Cersei] doesn’t like her and that Cersei was quite happy when her grandchildren were arrested and that she is going as far away from King’s Landing as she could.

Yarra [Asha] and Theon are apparently sailing to Meereen to make a deal with Daenerys. View Spoiler »

Jaime arrives outside of Riverrun and realises that everything is not being done effectively. He approached these men with 8000 men and their men posted there had no idea they were coming. There were no scouts or anything. Jaime takes over and then meets with Bryden asking him to surrender. To this, Bryden says no, tells Jaime he is disappointed in meeting him after all the rumours about him and then tells him that he has no intention to leave the place of his birth.

In other news, Jon finds a way to convince the Wildings to join him in taking Winterfell by telling them that if they [Jon and company] lose, Ramsey will come after them [the wildings] anyway so it’s in their best interest to make sure that they win. They then visit other northern houses to get men but it’s not enough, and Sansa realises that they need more men. Sansa writes and seals a letter. The show doesn’t actually show what or to whom she writes, but you can guess that it is probably to the Vale to get the men that Petyr had promised.

The highlight of the show, to me, was in Braavos. Arya makes a deal with a Westerosi ship captain to leave for Westeros in the morning. However, the female faceless man [why don’t I know her name?] stabs her several times but Arya manages to escape. The girl believes Arya to be dead since she did not resurface, but Arya comes up elsewhere and then wonders through the city. I’m hoping that she survives this.View Spoiler »

Final Thoughts

Like I said in the beginning, I really feel like more should be happening in this season than what’s actually going on. It makes me wonder if some things they had missed in the book will have significance since they are spending precious screen time on it, but I’ll just have to see.

3 Stars

3 Stars

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