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Arrow Season 2
Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy

In the aftermath of what is now called "The Undertaking", Moira Queen awaits trial while in custody at the prison. Thea has a really hard time coping with the fact that her mother is at least partially responsible for the deaths of 500+ people. Thankfully, Moira's warning, and the help of the Arrow and Detective Lance, the deaths are at a minimum compared with what it could have been.

Contains Spoilers for Season 1. Also contain minimal spoilers on season 2. Big spoilers are hidden.


In this season we find out more about what happens on the island, however, we still haven’t gotten to how Oliver eventually makes it off the island. Was he really rescued? I don’t know anymore. The end of the story actually leaves me with more questions about the island than it did before. And then more of the “dead” come back to life.

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There are even more secrets that will continue to tear Oliver’s world apart and yet he refuses to be honest, even to the people he can. For example, he now has 2 View Spoiler » “partners in crime” and even though they already know his identity there are still surprises for them.

The “new” main villain in this season is a familiar and unexpected face, and you realise now that Oliver has been making mistakes for a very long time.

Over the season, Thea slowly breaks down and goes deeper and deeper into despair as she realises that no one she knows can be trusted. At least not to be honest with her, about almost everything.

Laurel’s life spirals out of control in the aftermath of Tommy’s death. She slowly starts to fade into the darkness and it takes a while before anyone can even get through to her.

Quentin Lance has done a full 180 when it comes to his view of the vigilante. He’s now of the Arrow’s greatest ally. He’s even the one that gives him the name “The Arrow”, because he felt that “The Hood” just didn’t do him justice.

Final Thoughts

Over all it was a good season. Oliver still has a lot of growing to do, especially in terms of being honest with the people who trust him and know his secret as The Arrow. I think the show ended in a good place for most people involved so I’m looking forward to seeing how the next season will turn out.

The Verdict

4 Stars

4 Stars

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