On Trial: Underground Murmurs by Tim Jopling

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Underground Murmurs Book Cover Underground Murmurs
S.U.C.O Thriller Novels #1
Tim Jopling
Mystery, Thriller
Tim Jopling
July 28, 2014

Hell bent on changing the world forever.

The most effective partnership MI6 and the West have.

MI6 protectors, destined to stop the darkness from sweeping across the globe.


Nothing is ever what it seems. Don’t turn your back on anyone, or anything. The world is at ease and its politicians are simply unaware, and unprepared. Not for one moment does anyone consider that the most deadly war humanity has ever faced is looming around the corner. All of it orchestrated by Akira, a man with a past no one would expect, and primed with the knowledge that his vision will become the future and the West be condemned to the past.

Only MI6 can stop him with its elite group of S.U.C.O. agents and the experienced Thomas Deane and Sam Olsen at the forefront. These loyal protectors will risk their lives around the globe to preserve peace and justice, no matter what the cost…

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

My Impressions:

Overall, it was an entertaining read. However, there is room for improvement.


The plot was great. There’s the vengeful Akira, who holds a grudge against “The West” which includes Europe and the US. He wants to bring them down. He goes about killing as many of their agents as he can while trying to get his pawn elected as the next Russian president. There’s a lot of backstabbing and it’s really hard to tell if anyone’s going to make it. There’s deception and greed and the thirst for revenge.


It’s hard to get attached to some of these characters. Many of these so called experienced agents make lots of hot-headed irrational decisions that get themselves and others in trouble. And for being so experienced they surely die often. The few civilians in the story include a woman Lorna, who although she has a small role, is quite likable. However Sam Olsen’s fiancé is quite annoying. She’s been with him for almost 10 years and now she wants to change him and wants him to give up his job. She’s very whiny and I don’t really get the feeling that she does it for him but more for herself. Sam is too hotheaded but the fact that his hunches work out makes it harder for him to change. You just can’t help but be on his side though. My favourite character is actually Thomas. He seems to have his head on straight. However even he is not spared from silly decisions. Although most characters aren’t likeable you do get well defined characters and you really get to understand why most of them are the way they are. The best character development in the story was that of Hal Burton. He was an agent who got mixed up in things that he wasn’t supposed to.


The writing was fast paced and really pulled me in. However, there were spelling mistakes which were more often in the ending chapters of the book. There were also some inconsistencies with the story, crakow and cracow was used interchangeably. Also sometimes the car they were in changed sometimes without them actually changing cars. Or the author would refer to one person while he was writing about a different character. Or say they were somewhere like Regis House when they were at St. Mary’s. It was a bit confusing and I had to read it over to see if I was just getting confused.

Overall though, I did love the story and I’ll be looking out for part 2. I don’t normally read in-between stories and it seems there will be one coming out this year. Not sure if I will have the time, but it does sound interesting. I’m dying to find out the real identity of someone but I don’t want to give that away here.

The cover suited the story perfectly.

About the Author:

Tim has been writing short stories for a while and finally decided to write a novel. He decided to self-publish after his wife did a TV programme about Amazon and after efforts to publish via other publishers and agents didn’t work out as planned. [source: Goodreads]

The Verdict:

Highly Recommended

Rating Report
Overall: 4.2

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