On Trial: The Forgotten Mission The Return by Johnathan Taylor

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The Forgotten Mission: The Return Book Cover The Forgotten Mission: The Return
The Forgotten Mission #1
Johnathan Taylor
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller
Johnathan Taylor
September 15, 2014

The year was 1968, Scott Salvador, a fresh Harvard Graduate had just landed his dream job at NASA. His life so far had brought him all he could wish for, the finely tuned image, the cars, the hot girls and the money.

He was now part of the Apollo Missions, this was it, he was living his dream.

An event from the past, had his future all mapped out, without him even knowing. Leading him down path he wasn’t expecting. This turn of events shattered his naivety, yet opened his mind.

Everything he’d ever believed in, or thought to be true, had suddenly been pulled out from under his feet, his unblemished innocence, stolen by what was about to happen.

Scott couldn’t believe the things that had been going on under our noses throughout history, that was until he became part of it all. His suspicious nature had got him into a predicament he just couldn’t escape from.

Whether he likes it or not, he’s now in so deep he can’t get out!

His real Mission has only just begun…

Warning: This article contain spoilers.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The author has never asked me or tried to influence me for a positive review, nor have I promised one.

My Impressions:

First of all, I noticed that this book on Amazon is listed as a Children’s book, and I wouldn’t let my child read it. Maybe if he was an older teen. The main character’s neighbour/friend is always drinking beers. They go to a bar and get drunk. The only main female character is always described as sexy; her sexy voice, sexy walk, etc. I don’t mind this, personally, but I don’t see how it could be classed as a Children’s book. Now that I got that out of the way, here are my thoughts.


The plot was amazing. I really liked the story-line. Very interesting. It spans over 100 years. Some things were a little predictable and convenient but overall I enjoyed the story. It tells of a covert US government agency that covers up the discovery of a UFO which crashed. There were 4 alien passengers, 3 of which were in hyper sleep and 1 who died in the crash. Over the years people go missing as these and other secrets are kept covered up in secret areas like area 51 and area 49. Eventually they try to send the craft back to where it came from in hopes to track it and find out where these aliens come from and what their connection to us is.


The characters aren’t that lovable, except for George who is a scientist who works on the dead alien trying to figure how his suit works. He is the only one who is curious enough to try what it takes to figure out how the suits and the craft works until Scott comes along. Scott is okay but the only reason I really cared about his fate was because it would affect the entire outcome of the story. Kimberly, for an agent, is quite naive and can’t seem to control her emotions too well. Bob is like one of those necessary evils.


The writing wasn’t as bad as the editing (or lack therefore). The book was riddled with typos and grammatical errors. (I say riddled because it’s more than 5 errors). I started highlighting them in the middle of the book because I thought I should give the author an opportunity to fix them and update the book. I really think it took away from my experience. The other problem I had with the book was repetition. I felt that things were repeated a lot. Especially people’s reactions to things. E.g., “everyone was in awe, as no one had ever seen this before” was paraphrased or repeated at least 10 times in one chapter. Okay, I got it, no one’s ever seen this before. That’s just one example and it doesn’t really get better. The author did enough to build suspense when needed though, so no complaints there.

I really have high hopes for the series. I think the author needs to recruit some friends and family to read over the book before publishing (since this is a self-published title). I will definitely be looking out to read the next installment. There are a couple loose ends that I would to know. 1) what happens to Kyle, Kimberly and Bob? 2) what was on the printed papers with binary code?

About the Author:

Johnathan Taylor is a husband and father who was diagnosed with cancer. He couldn’t continue his regular job but didn’t give in to his disease. Instead he took his wife’s advice and decided to write The Forgotten Mission The Return. He used the story to help him escape from the realities of his treatment. And this is some great stuff. This is the first book of the Trilogy.

The Verdict:

Highly Recommended

Rating Report
Overall: 3.8

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