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This is a special segment where I’ll be sharing the different tools that we use to manage the blog. I’ll keep them compiled in one section so that you can find them as I go along and in the future.

Today I’m sharing my task scheduler, Todoist. I wanted something simple, that would allow us to see all the books we have pending review and the dates by when we had promised to get them done.

We started using excel but, I kept having to email that to Mom. So I began an online search and came across Todoist. It’s free but there are certain features that, if you want to use them, you’ll need to pay for. I don’t really need them, so it’s free.

  • Available in Browser, iOS App, & Android App
  • Shared Projects, with assignable tasks
  • Private Projects
  • Notifications by email and/or in app


  • Projects – You can add different projects, and then you can share the project with another Todoist user. I’ve created one for Personal, Work and for the Blog. I shared the Blog project with Mom so that we can assign tasks for one another, and update the tasks, as they are completed.
  • Labels [Premium] – This allows you to add a label to further group your tasks inside projects. Not really necessary to me because I only want a list of everything that is due.
  • Filters – Here you can view your tasks by “assigned to you”, “assigned to others”, or by Priority.
  • Reminders [Premium] – If you would like to get a reminder beforehand, that something will be due, you’ll need to dish out some cash. Me? I just open up my app and I can see what’s coming up so no biggie.
  • Views – You can also choose to view your tasks by what’s due today, or for the next 7 days. See? Who needs reminders?
  • Comments [Premium] – This is literally the only premium feature that tempts me to get it, but I don’t need it that much anyways.

The best part about all this is that whenever someone completes a task in a shared project, you can get a notification to let you know. And you can also use this as a shared task list for your own household.

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