On Trial: The Widow File by S. G. Redling

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The Widow File Book Cover The Widow File
Dani Britton
S. G. Redling
Thomas & Mercer

"Dani, a data analyst with an elite security firm, possesses the unnerving ability to read people by the trash they leave behind. Receipts, parking tickets, the detritus of daily life--if you leave it behind, she will figure you out. Her latest case involves high-tech industrial espionage at a corporation with ties to the military ... When a team of assassins sweeps through the firm, stealing all files and killing her coworkers, Dani narrowly escapes"--Page 4 of cover.

Warning: This article contains spoilers

My Thoughts:

The book isn’t from any one character’s POV but rather shifts randomly during each chapter to the person who is the main focus of the story at the moment. I decided to read this book after it was offered to me as a freebie from Amazon. I read a few others from the Amazon Prime’s Kindle First program and decided to give this a try. I made it to all of 56% but I decided to ditch it. I really wanted to finish so that I could give a full summary but I wills till summarize what I read so far.

The book starts when the lead character Dani, a woman who works intelligence for an elite private investigation company. They are called in to inform everyone that their current client (one of many clients who pay big bucks to the company) has decided to cancel their arrangement. As part of the normal procedures, all documentation and information obtained on the client is to be returned and/or deleted. However, Dani likes to take random documentation home to work on, but nothing that gives away the client’s identity. She leaves and goes home to gather these documents but when she gets to the office she finds the staff entrance blocked and leaves her car behind it to get inside. Once inside she finds one of her team members dead and starts freaking out. She hears gun shots in the building around her and struggles to figure out what to do next. She hears her phone making a noise but instead of silencing it she scrambles in her bag and finds the keys to her office and hides there. She is easily distracted, and literally talks to herself. She keeps drifting off thinking about random things that has nothing to do with what’s happening. It’s like she doesn’t take the situation seriously at all. Eventually she decides to get her phone again but it’s dead. She then makes a call to 911 and reports what’s happening in the office and tells them her name. After she does this she realises that the person on the line isn’t the police when they ask where in the house she is but she never told them that her office was in a house. She then lies about her location to give herself some time to hide or get away. However she spends all that time thinking about a stupid list of pros and cons of her situation and doesn’t leave, then realises that the killers are coming back and hides inside a bean-bag chair.

They don’t find her and she hears them go away then she decides to go through the one window she knows will not trigger the alarm. She then makes her way onto the roof where she finds her friend Choo-Choo – a supposedly handsome guy you end up spending a lot of time wondering if he’s gay or straight for no good reason. From the roof they realise that their boss is being kidnapped and realises that the killers will blow up the building because they can’t find her. What bugs me about Choo-Choo being alive is because the killers seem to have a list of all the employees and they did a count of the bodies to make sure that they accounted for everyone. They knew Dani wasn’t dead because they spoke to her on the phone and the numbers added up, but I didn’t get far enough to figure out if they let us know why Choo-Choo is presumed dead by the killers.

Anyway, the two escape from the building and leave in Dani’s car. The cell phone signal is jammed but they call the police as soon as they get a signal. The hit-man (named Booker – so original if you ask me – not really) tricks the assassination team and has them killed in the explosion by locking them inside while they stack C4 around the building. Then he texts Dani and tells her that she will be framed for the events of the day. Dani and Choo-Choo hide at an Inn where Choo-Choo has a tab. Later Dani gets her regular Saturday night delivery boy to deliver food at her apartment where she believes the hit-man is. Choo-Choo bought them 7 burner cells and Dani and the hit-man who tells her his name is Tom, engage in stupid conversations and he tells her that she can try to bargain if she has information his client wants. Turns out she does because she never got to return the information from her apartment, but she doesn’t tell him this. They also don’t let him know that Choo-Choo is alive.

The delivery boy manages to take a picture of Booker/Tom when he goes to Dani’s apartment to deliver food. Choo-Choo then follows Booker/Tom after figuring out that he will leave when he tells Dani that his clients was calling him. Dani uses this time to sneak into her apartment to get money she has stashed and clothes, but she again wastes a lot of time thinking about what Tom thought about her apartment, and what he did while he was there. So much time, that Booker/Tom finishes his meeting with his client before she is finished getting her clothes. She finishes and leaves. While at the meeting with his client, Booker learns that Dani may be staying at the Inn and goes by there. While Dani is walking back to the Inn after leaving her apartment they run into each other and they engage in small talk and he asks her recommendation of a good place to eat.

At this point I was so pissed off, it’s like this stupid girl wants to die. How can you so easily trust a man who organized the killing and kidnapping of her friends/co-workers and boss? Then, to make matters worse, she just assumes that he will find her anywhere and that he must already know that Choo-Choo is alive and heads straight to the hotel to meet Choo-Choo. Worst yet, she starts having a normal conversation and doesn’t even mention the encounter to her friend until he mentions something about how Tom looks. She really doesn’t seem the least bit worried about the man who has told her that he has to kill her. I think it was at this point that it really pissed me off the point of no return. And worse because you know that in order for the story to continue, Booker/Tom must also go along with this stupid idea the author created. In real life he would have grabbed her or shot her or followed her, but not chit chat and continue about his business.

At least the book wasn’t too long. I had only spent two days reading so far. I ditched the book because, when a book is upsetting me too much, if it ends in a way I hate I will probably be upset for days. This is what happened to be after reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I didn’t want a repeat of that.

About the Author:

S. G. Redling or Sheila Redling graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in English. She has written other books such as Flowertown, Redemption Key (A Dani Britton Triller) (which seems to be the part two to this book which lets me know that the stupid Dani will live after all).

The Verdict:

Not Recommended

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