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A plane of people land at JFK and everyone on board seem dead. The CDC jumps in and find that 5 people are still “alive” although they have some flu like symptoms and are quarantine. But from the start there are forces working against them. Everything was planned beforehand including one of the biggest cover ups in world history, or so you think. There is something fishy going on here and these people are not as they seem. They have been changed into something sinister.

Every step the main character F makes, he’s one step behind. Over time he will have to come to terms with the reality of what he faces, when everything is going against him, to try to save people who have been refusing to take his help. He and others will have to come to terms with what is necessary to be done to get rid of these people¬†without losing his humanity or forgoing his life’s mission, to save people.


I’ve been hearing about this one since last year. I didn’t watch but since it started to air this month, I decided that we should watch it. I told my husband and we got the first season and binge watched like we do with a lot of shows.

This is now one of my favourite shows and I’d definitely recommend it to those of you if you fit into at least one of the following groups:

  • You liked Robin Cook books.
  • You like scary stories and movies but hate that they end.
  • You want to see how the world would react if a pandemic occurred but would rather it stayed in the movies.
  • You like science, biology and anatomy related stories.
  • You like vampires [to be in stories you don’t actually want them to be real]
  • You like vampires [and would love them to be real – I won’t judge you… I used to want to be a witch when I was little]
  • You used to like vampires but not since people tried to sexify / normalize them *cough* Twilight *cough*
  • You used to like them but no one has had a fresh approach on them in a while
  • You don’t prefer or particularly care for vampires but you are into apocalyptic urban stories or post apocalyptic stories like The Walking Dead and The Stand
  • You are a doomsay prepper waiting for some crazy shit to go down
  • Okay you get it by now…. hehe.


This show is freaking awesome! While I love The Walking Dead and I think I may be able to survive in a Zombie apocalypse, I’m not fooling myself with this one. My chances would be significantly less here. Vampires are scary and they should stay that way. And these vamps are on steroids!

The show follows a set of seemingly random individuals and you will slowly see what part they all have to play in the story. From the beginning you kinda get that it’s a vampire although of course it takes them a while to see what’s happening.

As with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, don’t get too attached to your characters. Some will die and I’m glad for that. The show has a lot of action, smarts, and stupids [as it has to so you are happy when some people die, right?].

There are secrets, some romance, and lots of brains… I’m mean smarts. I like that this show has set itself apart from others incorporating some science and not just telling you about it after the fact. While the fundamentals of vampirism remain intact such as their blood sucking ways, and intolerance of sunlight, we see some totally new concepts here like a culprit for how transmission of infection occurs from vampires to humans along with other physiological and pyschological changes these vampires go through to become fully turned.

This show even has a [I hope] soon to be badass kid along with an already badass old man.

Final Thoughts

While there is a lot to tell, I can’t possibly say everything about a 13 episode show in one post. We’ve started to watch the new season and even my son who was initially scared to watch, can’t keep his eyes of the screen when it’s on except for inappropriate scenes. The only thing I don’t like about season 2 so far is that they changed the actor that plays F’s son. I just don’t like this new guy’s face. It doesn’t seem innocent like the previous actor’s.

The Verdict

5 Stars

5 Stars

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