Book Trial: The Sapphire Crucible

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Book Trial: The Sapphire CrucibleThe Sapphire Crucible by Rival Gates
Series: Sapphire Chronicles #2
Published by Solstice Publishing on April 10th 2014
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 434
Format: e-ARC
Source: Author
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Captured! In ”Sapphire Crucible” (Book 2 of the Sapphire Chronicles) Linvin Grithinshield and his party find themselves prisoners on the maniacal Lord Mandrean and his Necromancer. The Emperor has a surprise for Linvin. He knows where the Red Sapphire is! In order to attain it he needs Linvin's help. With his family as hostages he has no choice but to help. Now they must find a way to escape, find the Red Sapphire and make it home alive. Along the way they must fight ever-growing odds of survival.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

My Impressions:

The book starts with a short recap of what happened in the first novel. Some people noted that they didn’t like it but I rather enjoyed it. I remember one time reading a review where the reviewer said they wished that books in series came with a “previously on…” section. Perhaps if the author had specified that the beginning was a recap, those who didn’t care for the recap could just skip it and get into the story. However, like I said I really appreciated it because I didn’t read both books back to back.

This plot is filled with fantastical challenges for Linvin and his family. It’s almost a little unbelievable that Linvin can get out of these situations. In this book we travel into the Mandrean kingdom. King Mandrean is a serious wuss and I never liked him but I love the twist that is introduced into this story although I felt in the end, it lacked any real challenge for Linvin.

Aside from that, we get a new supporting character and love interest for Linvin. Really didn’t see that coming, seemed like an all fantasy and no play book but Mr. Gates does a good job of making this “love” story there but not in your face there.

What I enjoyed the most about this series is the storytelling. I love the way that Mr. Gates writes his story. It never fails to entertain and always keeps you trying to figure out, “Just what will Linvin do to get out of this one?”.

I know I took long on this one but trust me it’s no fault of the book, it’s totally me and my pregnancy fatigue. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Hopefully, when my baby is born, I’ll have lots of time while she’s asleep to catch up on my reading.


The Verdict:

4 Stars

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