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I wasn’t able to finish Stella Atrium Seven Beyond for this weekend, unfortunately. I did some Christmas cleaning and my husband and I spend most of the Saturday painting our kitchen extension which we have had the paint for since May! I actually intended to read, went to sit in the couch with my kindle and the next thing I knew, my husband was waking me up asking, “What’s for dinner?”. I had no idea I was so tired up until that point. My slumber was so deep that it took me about 30 minutes to “wake up” and adjust.

However, I didn’t want to leave you all out in the cold, so here’s my opinion so far on the book.  As usual: Spoiler Alert.

The story follows, Dr. Christopher Meenins, Lady Drasher, Linda Deemer, and Dr. Virgil Grammario as they try to help Christopher remember his past. I am having a hard time keeping my mind believing the time setting of the story. The story apparently takes place in the age of computers and electricity, however, there are only some instances that these technologies are mentioned. Rather the diction, way of life and way people dress,  really makes me think I am reading another sci-fi book set in medieval ages.

So far, the location is somewhere in Europe and they have no electricity, ride around on horses and carry swords. There was an event where some vice presidents of the “new world” – the Americas, attended and people came with generators and computers. There is also mention that the Bible is known as the Book of Ancients and hardly anyone follows these teaching these days. It is seen as a rather poetic book. If it weren’t for these things, I would swear they are in the medieval ages.

The plot itself is very interesting. Linda Deemer as it turns out is of an alien species called the Longist. They look every similar to us, but are tall people, have an extra joint on their index finger and live for centuries. As it seems, Christopher is also from this race but he does not remember his past and believes he is human. Christopher is the Keeper of Light who basically has lived very long but he needs to remember who he is to lead the Longist to their “promised land”.

I do hope the story only get’s better. There are other races from different planets that I am eager to find out about.  I will leave you with this for now.

Until later, cheers!

Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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