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Starting with WordPress- Install WordPress

This is pretty simple. Most hosting companies have a way to automatically install WordPress for you as a new user, and using a new website. If not they make it pretty easy to install. GoDaddy installed it automatically for me. When I started this site over at A Small Orange, I used Softalicious to install WordPress.

If you aren’t too technical, trust me, it’s pretty straight forward. You go into Softalicious, click WordPress and it will give you the option to install on a domain.

The most important thing to note here is where you are installing your WordPress. You would probably want your website to be and so therefore you need the file path to be clear and not inside any folder. My Softalicious suggested to install WordPress in a folder named wp. This was a mistake. It made my website be This means that if visitors didn’t include the /wp/ then they would get an error.

Changing your WordPress Directory – in other words where it is installed.

It’s pretty easy to fix if you made my mistake.

Before you proceed you MUST have access to FTP or File Manager.

  1. Open your WordPress Admin page. This is normally your website name followed by /wp-admin/. Take note that if you did what I did and installed it at wp you will need to include that as your website name to log in to your admin page.
  2. Log in to WordPress Admin
  3. Go to Settings>General
  4. You will change the URL for your WordPress / Home and Site to the new directory. In my case I was moving from wp up the main folder so I just removed the /wp/.
  5. Save these changes.
  6. Log in to your File Manager or FTP Client and you will then move all the files and folders from where they are, and into the location you want them.
  7. Once that is done you should clear your cache.
  8. View your site at the new address.

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