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Space Cadets Book Cover Space Cadets
Space Cadets #1
Laurence Moroney
Science Fiction

After conflicts in Korea, Pakistan and the Middle East turned nuclear, the world stood on the eve of destruction. Realizing that we only have this one precious planet containing all of humanity, the United Nations pulled us back from the brink, and started a new, multinational effort to conquer space. Many years later, the peak of achievement for any young person is to
be admitted to the Space Academy. Previously available only to a precious few, it has recently opened enrollment to anybody who can meet their strenuous entry criteria. Space Cadets is the story of the first African American girl, Aisha Parks, to enter into the academy, where she learns that the more some things change, the more they stay the same, and despite the honorable intentions of the academy, there are some dark secrets being kept - secrets that could be the end of us all.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The author has never asked me or tried to influence me for a positive review, nor have I promised one.

My Impressions:

After a nuclear war, we realise that if we destroy this world, we will destroy ourselves, and we start looking to the stars. Everyone who’s studying at the new Space Academy are from affluent families from all over the world, but now they’ve started open enrolment. Aisha Parks is the first African-America to head up to the Space Academy.

It turns out that the Academy is keeping secrets. Although, it’s not actually the secret that could be the end of us but what comes to pass as this secret mission is carried out. If the mission had been public knowledge, it wouldn’t actually changed the outcome.

There were some strong racism in this book, which I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t think that racism would have been such a big element despite the main character supposedly being the first African-American to go to the academy. I feel like yes, there is racism, but this is the future and I would think in 25-30 years we shouldn’t expect not to have African-Americans in every field, not just having our first. I just feel like this particular conflict is out-of-place for the dating of the story.

That aside though, I think the author did try his best to show that he didn’t want race involved at all, by showing that there are people out there who do not judge others because of it and that people from all backgrounds can come together for  a common goal of helping humanity survive themselves.

As to the story itself I really did find it interesting although it was anti-climatic. The “big” conflict / climax only lasted a short time and I felt like I was begging for a little more action / drama.

I’m a huge Science Fiction fan and I’m used to a huge conflict needing over coming, however although the issue itself was big, I felt like it was a bit glossed over or rushed. It did however, present a huge plot line for book two. I hope the author considers this feedback and give us a bit more action on the climax.

I’m anxious to know what happens to Patrice. He was one of my favourite characters and his faith is still pretty much unknown. As to the other characters, the are okay. I think Aisha and David are the best developed and I would like to see and know more about Seamus and Soo-Kyung.

About the Author:

Laurence Moroney is the author of more books than he’s prepared to admit. After several best selling programming books, his first Young Adult novel “The Fourth World” became a #1 book on Amazon Kindle, spawned two sequels “The Million Year Journey” and “The Legend of the Locust”, and is currently being shopped around studios for a potential movie. “Space Cadets” is his latest, a cutting edge science fiction novel, based on real science that starts a new series charting out humanity’s course to the stars. He’s presently working on the sequel “The Quiet World”, which he hopes to finish in 2015. For his day job, Laurence works as a Developer Advocate for Google, where he is constantly counting his blessings for being part of the
best workplace in the world…

The Verdict:

3 Stars
Rating Report
Overall: 3.3

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