Random Musings: Why I Don’t Like Pseudonyms

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I don’t like pseudonyms.

I think the use of a pseudonym should have, by now, become less necessary. I am not blind to the reality that many women still feel the need to have male pen-names or are coerced into disguising their female identity in order to get books to sell.

For example the fact that J K Rowling [real name Joanne Rowling with no middle name], was urged to use initials instead because perhaps boys wouldn’t want to read a book written by a female. Such BS.

Women read books by men and we don’t have a problem with that. In this day and age women should not have to hide the fact that they’re women to get books published or to get sales. I mean, as a child do you really care if the author is a male or a female? I see lots of shows on Disney channel these days with female leads and boys watch these shows.

Women writers have published books and making a living from it since at least 1688 [Aphra Behn]. I think it’s about high time that we stand behind other women and say no more male pseudonyms.

Aside from that. I feel like using a pseudonym is a way to deceive others into thinking you are someone who you aren’t. Long ago it was harder to find out if an author’s name was a pen-name but these days it’s very easy for these types of information to leak and become public knowledge.

Perhaps I’m being a little irrational but I just don’t like pseudonyms. They make me feel lied to and tricked. Aside from that, if I like an author who then decides to start using a pseudonym I may never end up buying their new books. They have to try to establish that new name all over.

The only time I think a pseudonym is okay, are in cases where the author has never published a book before. Or, if the author is the child of an established author. I also hate to feel like you expect me to buy your book just because your father is such and such.

How do you feel about pseudonyms?

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