Random Musing: Binge Watching TV Shows

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Random Musing


The anticipation of waiting for a new episode of your favourite show is both exhilarating and excruciating at the same time. You wait all week for the new episode and then in a matter of an hour it’s over. Then even worst is the wait in between seasons which can be as long as 2 years if you’re watching Sherlock. Then you find out that the new season which was suppose to start next January will not happen but instead you will only get a December 2015 “Christmas Special”… Totally aggravating.

This is one of the many reasons I like to binge watch older shows. Although we do still end up watching the regular seasons eventually because new episodes are still being released. We recently did this with The Strain Season 1 and now we’re watching Season 2 on FX every Sunday night.

Stargate SG1

We’d been binge watching Stargate SG-1 on streaming video until our internet started to have issues which forced us to stop. Now we’re just going to download them to watch on our own time.

Our latest obsession is Grimm. We hadn’t realised that this show was still on air. We realise now, that around the time we started to say, “oh this show looks good”, it was in it’s first season. We don’t really watch anything on NBC since we ditched the Voice which has gotten horrible by our standards. So we were shocked to find out that Season 5 is starting in October. We will definitely be ready for then. We just started to watch last Sunday and we only have 4 episode of Season 1 left. The season is a total of 22 episodes.

Grimm Season 1

The only bad part of binge watching shows is only relevant if the show is still airing. Switching to normal viewing mode is horrible. The anticipation is worst. Right now when an episode of The Strain ends, I’m about to say, “Put on this next one. We still have time”. But Alas, it’s not so.

In other TV show news. Fear the Walking Dead premieres this Sunday 9/8 c and 7 pm Belize time. Being a fan of the comics and show, I’m definitely planning to watch. One of my biggest gripes with The Walking Dead show is that they have changed up the story from the comics, which always pisses me off. The great thing about Fear the Walking Dead is that it’s totally new content; nothing to be compared to. I will be able to love it on it’s own.

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