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Late Friday, I got some bad news. My little niece, born prematurely 2 months ago, and a twin, needs an emergency eye surgery to try to save her right eye. The retina in her left eye has detached and we are unsure if the doctor will be able to save it. Now my sister and mom are traveling for the next day to get her to do a surgery first thing in the morning. We were trying our best to gather funds and make arrangements for travel. My mom, of course, is not able to post her review of I am Livia. I will be postponing it for 2 weeks, which will allow her time to get back from the surgery and settle back down. We are praying that they are safe in a foreign country and of course that everything goes well for my little niece.

I will be posting my review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, later today. I felt that since the movie is out this week, it is a fitting time. I  won’t watch the movie, but I read that the movie has similar faults to the book. I figure it could help you decide if you should watch the movie… or not. Have a great Sunday!

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