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Book Trial: Pale Queen RisingPale Queen Rising by A. R. Kahler
Series: Pale Queen #1
Also in this series: Cold Dream Dawning, Black Ice Burning
Published by Amazon Publishing on October 1st 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Contemporary
Pages: 246
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased

As royal assassin for the Faerie Queen, Claire is used to moving between the mortal world and the Winter Kingdom. When the queen commands her to kill, Claire does the job and doesn't ask questions. Her deadly skills and loyalty are soon tested when Claire is sent to the Immortal Circus. It is one of the many places where "Dream" is harvested from the imaginings of mortals, and someone is causing it to mysteriously disappear. Claire's job is to find the culprit before the Winter Kingdom's supply of Dream is depleted enough to threaten the very survival of the Fey. But when she meets Roxie, a beautiful mortal singer with a strange link to the Dream thieves, Claire quickly recognizes an odd and unexplained connection that may cloud her judgment. As each new clue unveils another secret, Claire finds herself confronting the riddle of her own buried past--and a dangerous illusion that, as part of the Immortal Circus, is just another act in the show.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

My Impressions:

I was really looking forward to Pale Queen Rising because I read that it would involve The Immortal Circus. However, while it did, it really didn’t. There were hardly any scenes in the book where Claire is at the circus. And more Kingston? Yes, but not as much either and definitely not in a way that I wanted it.

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The plot had potential, however there were some things that I totally saw coming which played a big role in how the story ended. I really wish it wasn’t so transparent. I also felt that the middle of story was slow moving, even though the book was only 254 pages. I was hoping the story with would lead us back the Viv and although I like Claire I still prefer her mother.


As usual though, I love the characters. Claire is a lot like Vivienne in someways and then in others totally not the same, especially because she can kick butt. Kingston’s change in character from the previous series is something I don’t like but I can see how the loss of Viv has affected him. I really don’t like what’s in the spoiler above. Melody, is still a sweetheart and her secret is totally devastating to the story. I like our newest Character Eli, and hope that we get more of him and see what he can do in the following books. Mab is Mab as always, secretive and scheming.


I love the writing although, it feel like the middle there were some parts where the action died down.

About the Author:

A. R. Kahler is an author, circus artist, and full-time wanderer. His previous works include The Immortal Circus Series, an Martyr, among others.

The Verdict:

4 Stars
Rating Report
Overall: 4.2

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