On Trial: The Shining by Stephen King

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The Shining Book Cover The Shining
The Shining #1
Stephen King
Paranormal, Horror,
Hodder & Stoughton

Danny is only five years old, but he is a 'shiner', aglow with psychic voltage. When his father becomes caretaker of an old hotel, his visions grow out of control. Cut off by blizzards, the hotel seems to develop an evil force, and who are the mysterious guests in the supposedly empty hotel?

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

My Impressions:

This is a newer edition of the shining which was originally published in 1980. This version contains an excerpt from Doctor Sleep however, I haven’t read it since that is next on my list.

This book was out right creepy. King has really got talent. At some points I literally shivered. The Overlook is one spooky hotel. The characters are all likable in their own ways. Danny is one brave 5-year-old kid. The can sense what people are thinking and this is both a blessing and a curse. He knows what might happen to them if they go to the overlook but at the same time he understands that his dad cannot afford to pass up this job.

Wendy tries hard to be a good mother and wife. While she does make a couple not so bright decisions, you can totally understand why she feels she needs to do it. She is a strong female character. She always tries to do what is best for her son while still putting up with her alcoholic husband.

Dick as a fellow shiner completely understands Danny and has instantly drawn to wanting the best for Danny.

Jack is trying hard to make a better life for his son and wife, and himself. He will finally finish his play and maybe get it published. He is determined not to be a bad father. But the Overlook tries hard to plan on his insecurities, on his past, and on his own demons.

King’s writing really draws you in. He adds bits of humour throughout the story to lighten up the mood in the beginning. The horror slowly grips you until it is literally in your face. Watch out for the lady in 217, she is super creepy.

The Verdict:

Highly Recommended

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