On Trial: Quiznot by Russell Stoll

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Quiznot Book Cover Quiznot
Russell Stoll
Young Adult, Science Fiction, Thriller
River Farm Press
September 25th 2014
Kindle Edition
224 pages

An extraordinary event is predicted on a dark world called Earth, a planet still ignorant of the thriving galaxy around it. A rare being of nearly unlimited power called a quiznot will arise on its surface. The powerful take notice and prepare, for if you control the quiznot, you control the galaxy.

Which means nothing to thirteen-year-old Timothy Starr—his life is in free fall. After a chance encounter with a beautiful girl, he’s developed psychokinetic abilities driven by his emotions. When his outbursts nearly kill two classmates, he’s banished to the Smithson School, a place that can help him, he’s told.

But the teachers don’t seem interested in helping him get better and the few other students he meets with unusual powers are sullen and reclusive. When he discovers that the school is built over the tunnels of an old missile base that may still be in use, Timothy wants answers. But he’s warned that students who ask questions at Smithson don’t live to ask twice.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The author has never asked me or tried to influence me for a positive review, nor have I promised one.

My Impressions:

Started off very slowly but picked up pace about mid way through the book.


Timothy Starr, Spence,Chloe, Tanner, Monique, Dr, Thorn Alli,


Timothy Starr has an almost perfect life. He has money, the perfect girlfriend, and a father who is a well known politician. The only imperfect part of his life is his mom who is a is a bit psycho. After Timothy Starr saves a strange girl from falling he develops these strange “powers” that enable him to do freaky things. His classmate Monique is always throwing words at him about his mother and the day after he helps this strange girl they are in the laboratory doing a science projects and Monique starts in again. Timothy imagines her hair catching fire and suddenly all hell breaks loose as her hair does catch fire and the laboratory is burnt to the ground. Timothy father is called in and he pays off the school to keep him there.

Timothy hatred of Monique is too deep though and again when the entire school is at a game he hears her laughing and he imagines the grand stand falling down and her an it does but too many people are hurt and the law gets involve. This time his father can’t pay off the school but his lawyer uses the defense that Timothy might have inherited his unbalance mind from his mom. He is sent to Dr Thorn a psychiatrist for an evaluation after which he is told that he will have to finish his education at a private School Smithson where they will be able to help him control his behavior.

From the start Timothy hates Smithson everything feels strange to him and no one really helps him in learning how to control his thoughts.Timothy feels like an outcast. All the popular guys wants nothing to do with him and the outcasts don’t trust him. It is strange when he is befriended by the most popular girl in the school Alli. Timothy soon discovers tho that it was jut a sham as he finds out she only did this on orders from the leaders so she can can track of his movements. Timothy along with the out outcast finally discovers the secret hidden underneath the school. The school is run by aliens who are looking for the Quiznot so they can steal it and become the leaders of the universe.Timothy foils all that when he is ends up with the Quiznot.

About the Author:

Russell Stoll worked in a neurobiology laboratory, taught English in Japan and started a software school. For seven years he worked at the LEGO Company helping launch the LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits and kick-starting the LEGO online club.

Russell grew up in the metropolitan New York area and graduated from Columbia University. He currently lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife and three kids. When he isn’t writing, he’s coding websites or building wooden furniture.

The Verdict:


Rating Report
Overall: 3.5

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