On Trial: I am Livia by Phyllis T. Smith

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I Am Livia Book Cover I Am Livia
Phyllis T. Smith
Historical Fiction
Lake Union Press

"Keen and ambitious, fourteen-year-old Livia Drusilla finds herself suddenly thrust into the perilous world of Roman politics when she overhears the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar--and when she reluctantly agrees to marry a prominent military officer for her family's sake"--back cover.

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

My Thoughts

A great read for those who love reading about History. Finally, Late due to unforeseen circumstances, but here it is. The book was really good and very educational.

Livia Drusilla, at the tender age of fourteen overhears her father and other aristocrats plotting the assassination of Julius Caesar. to gain their confidence and alliance her father marries her off to Tiberius Claudius Nero a prominent and trustworthy member of Caesar’s court.  Livia has no love or affection for him but because of duty and obedience to her father she pretended to be a loving wife.

Julius Caesar was assassinated and in the aftermath Livia”s family had to leave Rome and go to the country for a while.  In time her Father was made a Senator, but he knew that his family was still in grave danger because of his association with the murder of Julius Caesar. Livia’s father married her sister Secunda off to a prominent businessman at the tender age of twelve to secure her future and keep her safe.

Caesar Octavianus, Julius adopted son at the tender age of eighteen was made ruler of Rome. Mark Anthony , Julius right hand man stayed with him but had no love for him because he felt that he should have been made Ruler not Caesar Octavianus. No one took Caesar Octavianus serious because he was young and inexperience, but in time he would prove to them what a cruel and cold-hearted  yet generous person he could be.

When Livia a young wife, at this time  was introduced to Caesar Octavianus by her husband she was instantly besotted by him and in time would make a decision that would change the course of history.

As civil wars rage throughout the land one by one Caesar Octavianus ordered the death of all those who participated in the assassination of his father. In time Livia’s father was murdered  and her mother killed herself. Soon even Livia’s husband was named as a conspirator in the murder and they had to go into hiding because of this they lost everything except their lives.

Livia convinced her husband to changed sides and eventually he was pardon and they returned to Rome. Caesar Octavianus insisted he was in love with Livia and wanted her for his wife. In time Livia made a decision that gave her great power over the Roman empire. She left Tiberius Claudius Nero and became Caesar Octavianus wife.

Against all odds Livia Drusilla stood beside her husband Caesar Octavianus, Leader of the Roman Empire,together they brought a stop to the civil wars and peace To Rome. She made History as the woman who changed the way the Roman Empire looked at women.

The Verdict:

Highly Recommended

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