On Trial: Exiled from Blackwing City #1-4 by Carson Kicklighter

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Exiled from Blackwing City Book Cover Exiled from Blackwing City
Carson Kicklighter
January 23, 2015
351 pages

Buried beneath Kalmar’s cobblestone streets and gas lamps are answers to ancient questions. Why was the city assaulted by the nomadic Scheremoth Blackwings one hundred years ago? Were their gun-breaking magnets made of magic or machinery? How did a homeless inventor break the siege with a bridge that defied physics?

Star student Jack Warheist stumbles on one of those answers during his coming-of-age test in the labyrinth beneath the cathedral. His biggest challenge in life used to be helping his friends pass their finals, but now he has to figure out a seductive Blackwing sorceress who says that her people are returning to Kalmar. Jack must choose: Does he stay and try to convince Kalmar of the danger, or does he run away with the sorceress to learn her mysteries for himself?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The author has never asked me or tried to influence me for a positive review, nor have I promised one.

My Impressions:

To be honest I didn’t really understand this book.

I can’t really say the plot was not written well. I can say though that it was not easy for me to follow.

Characters:Jack, Analese, Leo,Manfred,Gwyneth and Offen-Schreiben


Jack Warheist, a star student biggest challenge in life used to be helping his friends pass their finals but when he fails his coming-of-age test in the labyrinth beneath the cathedral he becomes an outcast. Frustrated and and confused he runs off for a walk in the mountains there he meets and is seduced by a lady sorceress who says her people are returning to Kalmar. Jack knows Kalmar is in danger and he must decide if he should stay or if he should leave with the sorceress. He needs to find answers to why the city was invaded by the Nomadic Blackwings.

This was a very complex story with a large cast of characters. From the beginning of the book the story was very confusing. But the plot was original and I decided to continue reading to see how it all unfolds. The very detailed narrative, was descriptive and does pull you a bit into the story. That help a little with some of the confusion. Overall I feel the story might be interesting to those who love Epic Fantasy.

About the Author:

In my early twenties I moved away from my friends to a basement apartment on a gravel road in the country, as part of a life backup-plan that I never thought I’d follow. I was used to texting people and meeting them up the street for dinner or drinks. Now, in a cellular dead zone with a dial-up Internet connection, all I could do was read stacks of novels on the back porch, surrounded by green hills, orange trees, and a vanguard of crickets determined to die on my welcome mat. I didn’t have a stove or a kitchen sink, just a microwave and a plastic bin for carrying dishes and chicken-nugget crumbs to the bathroom.

One evening I put the door key in my sneaker and jogged further down the gravel road, as if being thirty miles from the nearest Laundromat wasn’t far enough. I turned down a narrow lane, kicking up gravel into grass taller than me, and as the sun made stained-glass patterns among the tree branches I came to a web of dirt paths yet unknown to Google Maps. Soon I wasn’t sure if I was on a road, or a driveway, or an ATV trail, or what. Twilight fell, and you can fill in your own Robert Frost reference here but what I’m really trying to say is that reading a hundred stories did not at all prepare me for not being part of a story, so I decided to write some that would have.

The Verdict:

Recommended to those who love Epic Fantasy Books

Rating Report
Overall: 1.7

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