On Trial: Before We Die Young

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On Trial: Before We Die YoungBefore We Die Young by L.T. Quartermaine
Series: Before We Die Young #1
Published by L.T. Quartermaine on November 28th 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Format: e-ARC
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They say before seeking revenge you should first dig two graves. But what the hell do they know? When the hurt cuts deep enough, two is nowhere near enough.
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They just killed mother. Strange, upright animals. She told me to run, so I ran.Hiding in thorn thicket now. Hope strange animals won’t find me here. Very frightened.Why did they kill her? Did she make them angry? Don’t think so. She was very kind.They’ve taken her horn. They said it’s not very big but it’s all money. Don’t know what money is.Alone now. Don’t know what to do? Should I wait? Maybe mother is not completely dead? Hungry. Thirsty too. Feet hurt.
Dark now. First night on my own. So many glowing eyes. Mother’s still there. She looks dead. She will be eaten soon – when the hyenas come. So lonely.Maybe I could spend one last night with her? I shouldn’t. Very dangerous. But perhaps just one?With mother now. She’s still warm. Good to be with her. Hope to sleep. Doubt I will.
Dawn. Mother’s cold. She’s definitely completely dead. Must hide again. Hyenas are coming.Back in the thorn thicket again. Maybe if I stay here long enough, mother will send someone to look after me.Hyenas eating mother now. They know I’m here. I’ll be next. Mother didn’t teach me how to fight. Hope it will come naturally.
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Warning: This article may contains spoiler.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The author has never asked me or tried to influence me for a positive review, nor have I promised one.

My Impressions:

Well written and easy to follow.

Jon, Michelle, Grandma Bibi,Luna, Ngombe, Zuma, Tembo, Jomo and Fr. Mycle, Duke and Emmylous(horses), Meru and Cleo(dogs)


Ngombe and Luna, sister and brother, orphans who grew up in a Church Mission in the African Savanna run by Fr. Mycle. They are only teenagers but Luna has a gift of communicating with the animals and seeing the future. The mission was attacked by the Jambazi warriors led by Zuma and Tembo, Zuma is seeking medicine for his brother Jomo who is dying from AIDS. Because of her gift Luna was able to get the other children out and sent them to safety at the other Church Mission. The Mission doesn’t have the medicine and in anger Fr. Mycle is killed, Ngombe is beaten and Luna is raped by Tembo. Both are left for dead and the Mission burnt. They both escaped and began their journey to the border planning on making a life on the other side.

Jon and Michelle, sister and brother, they grew on a Ranch, Dreamland with they parents, James and Sandrina. Michelle is studying to be a doctor and Jon wants to be a Banker.On the same day the Mission is attacked and burnt down their parents are killed, by a landmine planted at the gate of the ranch. After the funeral Michelle finds out from their lawyer that their parents were behind in their mortgage payment and the bank didn’t want to wait on the insurance to pay off the loan. They were in danger of losing their home. She decides to stop school and go to work to support them. Jon is told By the Colonel that his parents were killed by the Jambazi warriors and Zumba, because his father was the game ranger who protected the animals and Zumba and his warriors were killing out them for their tusks and horns. He decides to give up school and sets out to find Zuma kill him. The colonel supports him and tells him that when he finds the Jambazi camp the Corp will come in and destroy it. Michelle tries to discourage him but he won’t listen.

Jon, never suspecting that Zuma had left someone watching them set out with Duke and Meru and rode right into an ambush.He was save though because Michelle decided to follow him on Emmylous with Cleo. After killing the warrior Jon and Michelle headed for the border following the trail left by the warriors. reaching the river Jon steps on a land mine and is saved by Ngombe and Luna. When they discovered that they were both after the same persons they decided to work together.

On their journey they rescued several orphaned animals and all became like one family, they did find the camp and it ws destroyed by the Corps. They went through many dangers even crossing the mountains to return home. They did kill Zuma and Tembo and arrived safely back at dreamland.

The Verdict:

5 Stars
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Overall: 5

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

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