On Reaching 200 Posts

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on-reaching-200-postsMy last post, a book review of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, marked The Review Court’s 200th post. Of those, 178 are mine. The others are book reviews from my mom, who co-blogged with me a while back.

It’s been a long and fun journey. As you may know, I started the blog back in 2014. Come January, this blog would have existed for a time spanning over 4 years. That’s pretty awesome.

Over the years, the blog has changed its name once, and it’s theme 4 times [5 if you count the one on postach.io]. I’ve also change the colour-scheme 6 times. That’s a lot of hard work. The recent colour scheme change was accidental but I do like the look and I’ve decided to stick with it for a while.

Over this time, I’ve also started a “professional” blog to talk about my developer enthusiasm. I created my own theme for that site, which is being hosted as a sub-domain of thereviewcourt.com. Feel free to check it out at kayla.thereviewcourt.com. At the moment it’s WordPress-centric but I really want it to be a reflection of my personal achievements and so it may expand from there.

I’d like to thank all of you who read, lurk or stop by. Without you, I’d just be writing to myself. 🙂


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