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So… I was so MIA while on vacation. I seriously need a desk for my laptop. For years now I’ve been using it on my coffee table and sitting on the floor on a cushion. I’ve always loved sitting on the floor in my house [this one only, not before I moved into my own house].

I can’t do that anymore. In fact, right now, I can’t or am not “allowed” to do many things. No, it’s not doctors orders ­čÖé More like husband’s orders, and baby’s orders! That’s right! I’m expecting. I’m 3 months [14 weeks] along right now. I’m due in January, if you don’t wanna do the math.

I’ve had all day morning sickness from 6 weeks onward. And right now, I am starting to feel better but not 100%. I’d say I’m like 60% better in the Morning Sickness category. I don’t get sick every time I’m in the car anymore [that’s a huge improvement although it’s not gone]. However I’m super uncomfortable, get wicked headaches, always thirsty, get low blood pressure, and I’m hungry ALL-THE-TIME! I’m eating like 6-7 small meals per day and I still lost several pounds. I don’t mind [nor my doctor]┬ásince I was trying to lose some weight from before and it’s perfectly fine to lose a few pounds in the beginning.

I can’t stand the taste of meat in the evenings, and can barely stand it during lunch. I can’t even stand the smell of it cooking or most anything cooking for that matter. My husband has been super helpful; he’s doing most of the stove-top cooking right now. Surprisingly, I can clean and season meat just fine!

My son is also being helpful, although he has to be reminded lol. He’s been doing the dishes. It’s not a huge job but it’s super helpful [plus I always hated doing dishes]. I get low blood pressure whenever I have to stand too long it’s like all the blood flows to my lower body.

Right now, we’re just taking it a day at a time. I’m not in maternity clothes yet, but I have a feeling it will be pretty soon. I just can’t get into most things, especially slim fitted clothes so I’ve been pulling anything that loose-fitting. I can still somewhat fit into my uniforms lol, but we will see.

Till next time then…

Baby Medina. Coming in January 2016!

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