Random Musings: No Handbags on the Floor

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Random Musing

Many times I see women putting down their handbags anywhere; the floor, their desks, the counter, etc. This really irks me, but only because I think that you many have had that same bag on the FLOOR.

In fact, I personally do not believe in putting your purse or handbag somewhere without proper consideration, especially not the floor. You can ask my family and they’d tell you get upset whenever someone plops my bag on the floor inside my home. I put my handbag on my table and counters, occasionally, and I don’t want to get any germs from the floor on there. And this is the floor in my own house.

Now let’s imagine my reaction when I see women putting their bags on the floor of a public restroom. Ugh! Or the floor at the theatre, where hundreds of people have walked with their shoes, which have beenĀ God knows where.

Whenever I see a woman’s bag on the floor, I want to go over and hang it over their chairs. Granted, I don’t, but I’m very tempted to.

There are obvious reasons why you should be conscientious of where you are placing your handbag, the best one is “millions of germs”. I won’t get into those, but here are some tips for what you can do with your handbag, that I normally do.

  • Lots of public restrooms offer a place to hang something, i.e., a bag or jacket. Utilize those when provided but if not try hanging your bag on the door latch, placing it on top of the reservoir, if any, or try to place it on top of the toilet paper dispenser.
  • When at a restaurant, you have limited options. We normally try to sit at a table next to a wall. There you’ll have the option of placing your bag on the table, next to the wall. If your chair can hang a bag, use that, or use an available chair. If all that fails, you can put it behind you, or as a last resort, keep it in your lap.
  • When commuting, it’s best to keep your bag in your lap, if you don’t have a space in your car for it. The floor in your car is just as bad a place to put your bag as any other floor.

If you do these then, you don’t have to think too hard about setting your bags on your own dinner table, or on the counters in your kitchen. If you can get your hand on a portable purse hanger, that’s ideal for restaurants or places with a desk.

Where do you place your handbags when your out and about?

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