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It’s so much fun getting new stuff. I know no one in the world will disagree to that. Especially when the new stuff is something you wanted for a while.

Kindle Voyage with case open

For a while now, I’ve considered getting the Kindle Voyage as an upgrade to my 2nd Gen Kindle Paperwhite. There weren’t many changes between them so I wondered if it was that big a difference. After reading reviews I decided that it was worth the upgrade. Here are the main reasons I am happy with my purchase.

It’s smaller than the Paperwhite.

It was pretty hard to believe it could be smaller than the Paperwhite. I thought that was pretty tiny without compromising on the reading experience. But seriously it is. Not by THAT much but it does really make a difference when you put a case on it. My Paperwhite’s case makes it look huge compared to the minimalist case I got for my Voyage. The Voyage’s bezel is thinner and the device is slightly thinner. These changes make one hand reading even easier. 20160624_090701

It has pagepress buttons.

One of the two things I really missed when I switched to my Paperwhite from my Kindle Keyboard 3, was the physical page turn buttons. The other was the speaker which I have yet to get back. Sadly, my sister broke my KK3 permanently, when I loaned it to her, by letting the battery die completely. If not, I’d still be using that to read to me in the bath and listen to my audiobooks. Anyway…The Voyage brings back the page turn buttons. I don’t think I’ll be using the back button since it’s on the other side and I don’t hold my kindle with both hands. I think Amazon could still improve on this function by allowing you to choose which way the button will turn the page. Example: Left handed users could choose to make the left button go forward and that way they can easily hold their Voyage in their left hand.

It has adaptive built-in light.

One of the things that amazed me when I opened up my first Kindle, a birthday gift from my husband 5 years ago, was the screen. It really does look just like paper. I thought the screen saver was a cardboard that covered the screen. When I got my Paperwhite with the front light, it made reading even better especially in low light. I would need to sit somewhere with good lighting but the Paperwhite allowed me to sit anywhere. However, sometimes you’d have to adjust the light manually in different rooms or different times of the day to prevent eye strain. With the Voyage, this  automatic.  I read last night before bed and really didn’t have any eye strain. I also fell asleep pretty quickly so it doesn’t affect my ability to fall asleep.

The screen is nicer.

The screen on my 2nd Gen Paperwhite was 212 ppi and the Voyage is 300 ppi. I wouldn’t recommend that you get a whole new Kindle just to get a better ppi but the difference is there. It’s a larger jump up than between the basic Kindle and the Paperwhite. If your Paperwhite needs replacing and you don’t care for the previous reasons I listed, you could just buy a new Paperwhite. The 3rd Gen Paperwhite comes with the 300ppi upgrade, but that’s literally the only upgrade for people who aren’t visually impaired. The new Paperwhite also comes with they ability to use an adapter to add accessibility for the visually impaired.

There are some other things I like about the Voyage over the Paperwhite. I like that the screen is flush with the bezel. Dust or dirt was always getting into the corners on my Paperwhite’s screen but this one will be easier to clean. The glass cover was one of the things I was most worried about. I thought it would make the screen have more glare, but it doesn’t.

Overall, I am enjoying the improved experience of my new Kindle Voyage. It’s less strain on my eyes and wrist, and overall just a better reading experience. What am I going to do now with my perfectly good Paperwhite? I gave it to my husband and hopefully he’ll start reading. I’ve also set up Freetime for my son so he can read as well since I had to take away his tablet for not doing well on his exams.

5 Stars

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