Blog Resources #5: Most Used Plugins Part #2

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This is a special segment where I’ll be sharing the different tools that we use to manage the blog. I’ll keep them compiled in one section so that you can find them as I go along and in the future.

This is the second half of my most used plugins list.  Read the first half here.

#6 – Child Theme Configurator  by Lilaea Media – This plugin I use to easily create a child theme of the current theme I’m using. What’s a child theme? It’s basically a theme made using the current theme you have. If you want to make changes to your theme this is the best way to do it. It allows you to save your changes separately from the original theme so that if you make a huge mistake you can just revert to the original theme. It also prevents the annoying overwriting of all that hard work you have done in further customizing your theme, whenever a theme is updated by the original author.

#7 – Jetpack by Automattic – This is basically a plugin of plugins. Lots of the features you would have on the free hosting is brought to you here like: Contact forms which I use for my Review Request and Contact Us forms, protection from hackers and spammers, related posts, publicize – to share your new posts on Social Media, and a bunch more. The beauty is that each of these sub-plugins can be deactivated or activated if you need them.

#8 – Official StatCounter by Aodhan Cullen – This is like an enhancement to the stats counter that comes with Jetpack. You will need to sign up for an account but it gives you details like, if the visitor is a new visit, a returning visit, how many pages were viewed by each visitor, where they are viewing from, and even if they download any images and such from your site.

#9 – Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget by Lucy Tomas – This is the widget I use for my social media buttons. There are a bunch of different social media to choose from, and you can customize the colour and size without messing with CSS. I’m sure there are others out there but I like this one.

#10 – RSS Image Feed by Waldemar Stoffel – I use this to push through my featured images to the RSS Feed. This feed is what I use to generate my subscription emails so I need them to look nice.

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