Blog Resources #4: Most Used Plugins Part #1

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This is a special segment where I’ll be sharing the different tools that we use to manage the blog. I’ll keep them compiled in one section so that you can find them as I go along and in the future.

Today I want to share with you the most used plugins on my site.

I have 22 plugins I am currently using on my site. Among them are common ones that many other WordPress users might use like Akismet and Jetpack, and then I have some that book bloggers may know like Book Review, and I even have one I made for my blog using another plug-in as a guide and added in my own things that I learned on another site. Here I’ll show you the ones that I need and use the most.

#1 – Book Review by Donna Peplinskie – It’s a simple plugin where I enter the ISBN of a book and it pulls the books info from Google Books. It’s free and pretty easy to use. If you can’t pull the book info you can enter the information manually. It also offers you an opinion to add links for the books like the Amazon and Goodreads links and you can add your own images for links and books. Unfortunately, the archiving isn’t great and only offers a few options but it’s livable.

#2 – NG Blog Series by Nose Graze  – This plug-in allows me to group all series into one category and then have a sub series category as well. For example, this post is categorised as “Blog Series” and then further as a part of my “Blog Resources” series. You can then add a series for each mini-series / sub-series you have.

#3 – The Review Court Tools by Myself – This plug-in was inspired by the Blog Series Plug-in. It’s actually 2 plugins in one; this includes my Review Types, and short codes. Like the Blog Series I can add all reviews to one category, “Reviews” then depending on the type of Review: Book, Audiobook, Movie, TV, I can choose the individual review type. For the short codes, I set up a series of images to be used when I use certain short codes. This is particularly helpful so that I don’t have to look for images I use all the time like my ratings.

#4 – CommentLuv by Andy Bailey – This one is a double edge sword. I did this instead of using the Jetpack comments because it allows the person commenting to add a link back to their site’s last post. This allows you to see what other bloggers are writing about and discover more great blogs. However, be sure that you have a way to block IP addresses because you will suddenly get a lot of spam comments. I have installed WP-Ban since GoDaddy didn’t have any way for me to do this. With switching over to A Small Orange, they have this feature in their cPanel and so I will be able to get rid of this Plugin and move the blocked IP listing over.

#5 – jQuery Pin It Button For Images by Marcin Skrzypiec – This is a simple plugin that allows me to show a Pin it Button on all my images over a certain size. You can upload your own PIN IT image or choose one that the app provides. It also allows you to disable the Pin it button per page or article.

So this is the first half of my list. Look out for part #2 in a week or so.

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    • Kayla

      Thanks Ashley. I feel like every time I go on your blog, I’m inspired to fix something on this one lol. I’ve learnt so much about making my site better by following your tips.

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