I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award

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Beautiful Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I think these little awards are a nice way to network with other bloggers out there. I was nominated by Soudha from Of Stacks and Cups.

Here are the rules:

  • Link to the blogger who has nominated you [Done]
  • List 7 random facts about you [Below]
  • Nominate 7 creative, beautiful bloggers [Also, Below]
  • Nominate the people you nominated
My 7 Random Facts
  1. I refused to transition from picture books when I was younger so my mom got me Moby Books with black and white line-drawn illustrations. After reading a few I realised I could just picture people the way I wanted if I didn’t have the stupid line-drawings. photo 012515.jpg
  2. I’ve been working full-time since I was 17. My birthday is late May so when I was still in 6th Form, as a full time student, I got a part-time job and then when school closed in early May, I started to work at the same job full time. Graduation was in June and I was already 18 by then.
  3. I used to make up wild crazy stories to explain why I had white hair because no one understood what a pigmentation disorder was, especially when being told by a 5 year old.
  4. I have such a huge imagination that could I live in my head for hours. But then I get confused with real and imagined conversations 🙁 thus why I settle for books.
  5. I prefer older tunes to newer ones, although I still listen to what’s popular. Most of the time I’m listening to older music 80/90/ early 2000’s. My favorite tune ever is Santo and Johnny -Sleepwalk from the 50’s.
  6. I’m not an Apple Fangirl despite having an iPhone, iPad and iPod 🙂 I kinda just ended up with these devices out of gifting, cheap sale and opportunity. I just can’t justify spending so much on a Mac despite all the benefits everyone claims. I’ve rarely gotten a virus on my laptop and if I do, I fix everything myself.
  7. I’m cheap. I don’t care what others think about that. I’m not a miser in that I would nit-pick and skim to spend less, but if there’s a cheaper version that does the same thing, I’m probably gonna get that. I do splurge once in a while but mostly on things that I will use over a long time so that I can get the full value out of it.

All my nominees are ladies that I’ve been following [their blogs – not stalking 😉 ] for a while now.

My 7 Nominees
  1. Maggie @ Just a Couple More Pages
  2. Jenny @ Supernatural Snark
  3. Shanelle @ The Art of Escapism
  4. Cait @ Paper Fury
  5. Danica @ Taking It One Page At a Time
  6. Jenni @ Jenny Elyse
  7. Captivated Reader

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10 responses to “I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination. I’ve already received the award in the past, but I appreciate the sentiment anyway.

    I can understand why you don’t want to spend money on a Mac. They are expensive and if you haven’t found that they benefit you more than your PC does, then it makes sense you wouldn’t be a fangirl. I use PCs at work and I have a Mac at home. I prefer my Mac. I think it’s much more user-friendly, faster, and the lack of spyware, malware, viruses, etc. is a huge deal for me. But, I totally get why people don’t like them.

    Jenni Elyse recently posted: Mania by JR Johansson
    • Kayla

      Honestly I do get Apple and their user-friendly, straight-forward, easy-of-use. I didn’t expect to like the concept of having all your apps on the main screen but I find it quite simple and useful on my devices that if I upgrade my phone, I’ll probably stick with an iPhone.

  2. Finally someone else who doesn’t listen to today’s pop music! Also, you sound like a really cool person Kayla 🙂 I hope people are more understanding about your hair now. People can be stupid or downright rude with what they don’t understand. I, for instance, have a stomach condition and I’m always having to explain to people why I can’t eat fast-food nor drink coffee and stuff like that. And boy it gets on my nerves sometimes! :p

    • Kayla

      Belize is small so a lot of people just know me and got used to it. Some think I keep it dyed for fashion, lol. Some just love it! It must be frustrating trying to explain/justify why you can’t eat certain things. I think sometimes people just need to lay off. If someone says they can’t eat/do something just let it go. It’s like they need to understand everything. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to explain myself [i.e. reasoning behind why want to do something or can’t, etc.]

    • Kayla

      Lol. I forgot to do my own monthly Reading List this month. And I didn’t realise I missed it until this week. It’s way too late to do it now.

  3. EEEP! Thanks for the nomination!! I completely understand with the cheap part. *nods* I love books so so much, but honestly? Unless I get them gifted or use vouchers or buy second hand, I basically NEVER buy books. And when I do, I just spend a few dollars. >_< This is what libraries are for. LIBRARIES SAVE LIVES. heeh.

    • Kayla

      Unfortunately, my local libraries only have outdated books. And the bookstores are limited and expensive here. What I do is, I sign up for ereader iq alerts on books and authors I like, and then I get an email when the price drops. I rarely read I book that just came out. I normally get it when it down to less that $5.

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