Random Musing: Inappropriate Social Media Behavior

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Random Musing Inappropriate Social Media Behavior

Where does one draw the line when it comes to what is appropriate to post on social media? I think social media has gotten too much outside of the scope of what I want it to be and what it should be. So much so that I have unfriended people and reported their posts and/or pictures. Trust me, I don’t report posts or pictures unless I feel that what they have is inappropriate.

Many children, under 13, are on social media with fake DOBs. And even children over 13 and adults should not be subjected to view some of the things that I’ve seen on these sites. I don’t have an Instagram account but apparently it’s the same issue over there. I read this article yesterday, and while a agree to some extent with the author and photo owner, I also disagree as well.

Most Social Media sites have “rules” about inappropriate behaviour, nudity, sexually suggestive content, and abuse. However, I don’t know if they have people actively checking these accounts for violations or if they rely on their users to report these types of content.

When did it become appropriate to have people show their entire breasts but cover their nipples and say it’s not nudity? Or to wear a thong and take a picture of their ass and say it’s appropriate for all viewers? When did it become socially acceptable to distribute videos of someone’s rape? Or pictures of their naked bodies?

To me, it’s called “Social Media” because it should be social. If it makes people feel uncomfortable then is it really being social? I mean yes, in a real life setting, there may be people behaving inappropriately as well, but will we invite them again if they continuously act inappropriately? I bet not.

What I don’t like the most though, is when people use the excuse, “Well if they can post their pictures that break the rules, why can’t I?”. Instead of saying, “Since my picture was removed because it breaks the rules, why not theirs?”.

I don’t think the picture posted on Instagram in the article above was appropriate for social media, and so is nudity, rape, and violence.  Perhaps it wasn’t really bad, but it would make people uncomfortable in a rational way. But I do get where the author and photo owner is coming from. We have allowed certain things to be acceptable because we find it attractive, even if it is inappropriate. And we shunned what we don’t like to see whether it’s appropriate or not.

In a few years my son will be wanting to open social media accounts of his own. I don’t want him to see women as objects where perfection is the only acceptable image. I don’t want him to see women being raped, people being beaten, or nude photos of drunken women who probably have no idea that pictures were taken of her. I don’t want him to see ‘effed up images of people vomiting on themselves either. I’ve seen all this and more on social media and I really do think it needs to stop. Or maybe we just need to get off social media more often. I think the internet makes people feel less responsible for the type of information that they share. They behave in ways they never would in real life. But at the end of the day, if you wouldn’t do it in real life, why do it on social media?

Do you think social media posts and pictures are getting out of hand?

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