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Battle of the Bastards Book Cover Battle of the Bastards
Game of Thrones
Epic Fantasy
TV Show
Miguel Sapochnik
June 19, 2016
David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

Jon and Ramsey battle for Winterfell and The North. Daenerys and Tyrion try to stop a war.

Warning: Spoilers through Season  6 of Game of Thrones

Battle of the Bastards

Finally, we get to that part of the season that everyone looks forwards to, Episode 9. Although not written by GRRM, this one was rather satisfying. To be true, I could have lived without what happens in Meereen because quite frankly, I don’t really care about Meereen or Daenerys.

Daenerys has always been hot headed. She rarely listens to advice and always feels that she knows better. She wants to just kill everyone and that’s her definition of winning.

Yarra [Asha] and Theon arrive in Meereen. Now how did this happen. For those of you who only follow the show it might be easy for you to over look this one but us book readers and audiobook listeners find it rather hard to believe that these Ironborn have arrived in Meereen so fast. Meereen is very far from The Iron Islands. Take a look at this map.


Now take note of where the Greyjoy’s are. That is the Iron Islands. Meereen is a City in Slavers Bay. That’s pretty far.

Anyway, in the show they got there pretty quick and then they pledge their ships to Daenerys and their allegiance as well. Dany accepts under the condition that they stop their pirating. Boring things. She also goes to meet with the Slavers but when they refuse to surrender she hops on Drogon and they take to the skies over the habour along with Rhaegal and Viserion and burn a ship. Then Grey Worm tells the Slavers that one should die and they are quick to pick the outsider, who then begs for his life. He is the only one spared but is told to go back and tell of what happened.

Anyway, getting on to the good part…

The time has come for the Battle of the Bastards. Jon challenges Ramsey to one on one combat but of course, being a coward, he refuses. Jon did this only to upset him but in the end it is Ramsey who succeeds in upsetting Jon. Sansa warns him not to go what Ramsey wants. But he shows that dying didn’t really teach him anything. The next day at battle Ramsey has Rickon run toward Jon and shoots arrows at him. Jon rides out to meet Rickon but before he can reach, Rickon is shot through the heart and Jon becomes blinded by rage. I have to say that Jon really did lose this fight. It was, in the end, Sansa who won. I still think she has some explaining to do to Jon for not telling him that she had sent for help from the Vale.

Jon and his “army” became cornered, which, it was actually their plan to corner Ramsey but then all that goes out the window after Rickon dies. If it weren’t for the Vale arriving at that very time, they would have all died. When Ramsey sees that he has lost his army, he runs back to Winterfell but his moment of “glory” doesn’t last very long. One-One breaks down the castle gate, and unfortunately is killed after he gets through but it gives the remainder of Jon’s army the opportunity they need to take the castle.

Finally we see that Ramsey cannot do more that fire a bow. Jon easily subdues him and captures him. At this point I look to my husband and say, it would be so fitting if his dogs eat him.

Sansa comes to Jon later and asks where Ramsey is. The scene cuts and Ramsey wakes tied to a chair in his dog kennel. Sansa stands outside and talks to him. He is blindly confident that his dogs will not eat him but Sansa calmly reminds him that he starved them for 7 days. Of course, we know how this one plays out. It was terrible to see and hear, but oh did he deserve it.

Final Thoughts

I think that Sansa has finally gotten some redemption for her character. She was weak and foolish in the beginning but now, it was she who took Winterfell back even if she enlisted help to do it. Now what’s going to happen since Bran’s way, and Rickon is dead? I guess we will have to see.

The Verdict

5 Stars

5 Stars

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