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Blood of My Blood Book Cover Blood of My Blood
Game of Thrones #6.6
TV Show
Bryan Cogman
May 29, 2005
Jack Bender

Contains spoilers from Season 6 Episode 6

Blood of My Blood

So Daenerys is making her way back to Meereen with her new khalasar[?], when she spots her “lost” dragon and tells Daario to wait there. She comes back on his back and rallies them all into joining her [as if they weren’t already]. Personally, I know a lot of people are rooting for Dany and her quest to “take back the 7 kingdoms” but honestly I just don’t think she understands them enough. While she might be a good general she is certainly not a good leader. We need only to look at the state she left Meereen in, to see enough evidence of this. I personally think she will never get to the Westeros much less take it back. Plus she only wants it because she feels so deserving and entitled to it, but what makes it hers in he first place?

Now we finally get to see what’s happened with the Frays after the red wedding. Lord Edmure, Catelyn’s brother is still being held captive and Walder Fray wants to use him as a sort of bait to lure out his uncle Bryden Blackfish. Now remember Brienne is going there too. Also, my suspicions that this will be a way that the show will get Jaime and Brienne to meet up has been confirmed.

In King’s Landing, I was also right that the High Sparrow was only tricking everyone and had no intention to make Margaery do a walk of atonement. Instead, he makes Tommen convert to the faith, through Margaery, and makes it so that this is her atonement. Of course, this is after Mace Tyrell and Jaime bring the Tyrell Army to “rescue” Margaery. Tommen then releases Jaime from the King’s guard and sends him off to … Riverrun. Therefore this seems the way that Jaime and Brienne will meet up View Spoiler ».

Sam and Gilly are in Horn Hill and his father finds out that she is a wilding but his mother and sister obviously don’t mind. They are tired of the way that he treats Sam. He agrees to let Gilly and the baby stay but only after he insulting her by calling her a thing and calling the baby a half-breed. Imagine if he knew they whole truth of what the baby really is. In the end, Sam tells Gilly they are leaving and he also takes the family sword and tells Gilly that his father can try to take it from him.

And… a huge mystery has been resolved. For a long time the book fans were waiting around for Cold Hands to show up. At this point I had pretty much forgotten about him in the TV version but then here he comes along in this episode. View Spoiler »Now we meet Cold Hands and he discloses that he is Benjen and that he was turning into a wight but the Children of the Forest found him and stopped the process since it is technically their magic that makes them.

And finally, we go to on to see what’s up with Arya. Will she be the assassin she is training to be or will she choose to be Arya forever? Of course, we know she will never give up her identity as Arya Stark. She puts poison in the actress’ wine but later comes back to knock it from her hands and to warn her that someone [looking at the other actress] is trying to kill her. The other female faceless man sees her [of course, she’s been watching her and Arya knows this]. Arya goes back to were she had hid Needle [a thin sword that Jon had made for her] so long ago, takes it out and takes it to bed with her. She knows the faceless men will come for her and she is ready.

Final Thoughts

I definitely needed something to lift my “Game of Thrones” spirit after last week’s episode and while this doesn’t quite redeem the show, it does set it on a track that I can appreciate.

The Verdict

4 Stars

4 Stars


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