TV Trial: Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9

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The Dance of Dragons:

Uhh. This episode had it’s good points and it’s horrible, evil points. I am really on the fence, at this point, about whether or not I will continue to watch the show after this season.

I understand that some changes need to be made for TV but the Stannis from the books, I don’t believe that he would have burned his own daughter.

Warning: I am completely giving up on writing two versions of the review. The changes are just so huge and I really want to talk about it from a reader’s perspective. Book Spoilers are abundant.



I’ve been sick for days now, but I still gathered the strength to watch the show last night. And honestly, I don’t know if that sour taste that’s stuck in my mouth is from the show or being sick 🙂

A lot was happening. Let’s start with Dorne. Ellaria was really playing the part with wasting her cup of Dornish wine, by pouring it on the ground just to prove a point. She is not going to support a family who has killed hers. I don’t think the show does a good part of making Doran convince her that doing harm to Myrcella, who in innocent in the wrongs done to their family, will not do them any good.

In fact, in the books, Ellaria is completely against doing harm to Myrcella. She poses a good argument. Where it is all to end? Ellaria’s daughters are all younger than the older ones and Princess Arianne Martell, who are the ones trying to harm Myrcella. She asks them, what if you kill Myrcella and then you are killed? Then do my daughters go to get vengeance for you? And what if they are killed. The cycle just goes on forever.

In the show, Doran threatens her with death if she does not pledge to his cause. Then suddenly she has a change of heart and talks to Jaime about not being able to choose who you want and that she knows that’s Myrcella is his daughter but she also knows that she is innocent and maybe so is he. The show gives no real transition for her to come to those terms. It seems forced and schizophrenic to me.

Next, let us go to Stannis. I don’t want to stay on him too long because I am just so upset. My husband and I agree that we don’t think the Stannis from the books would have burned Shireen, even though the books did a pretty convincing job of how dire their situation was. The show did not do this. They made it seem like yeah there’s some snow and we might die and we will starve but we didn’t see this. But in the books, almost all their food is gone, their horses dying and they have resorted to eating their dead horses. Stannis has Asha with him and even though he is urged many times to burn her for her king’s blood and to plead with R’hllor for them to survive, he refuses. In the end, he sacrifices some men who resorted to cannibalism when some of their companions died. That was how bad their situation was and he still didn’t burn Asha [who wasn’t even his blood]. Shireen wasn’t with him.

This scene was so cruel and he didn’t even have the decency to stand in front of his daughter when she burned. I would more likely think that Selyse would agree to the burning than Stannis. She always looks so happy when she sees people being burned, but even she ran to her daughter and Stannis just stayed their like a heartless fool.

Now let’s go to Meereen. I had already resolved in this fighting pit scene that Jorah would die but no such luck. I didn’t want him to die but I figured he would and he did put himself in the position so I really thought it was a possibility. I was just waiting for the dragon scene, but then when the Harpy showed up, as was like, no, damn it, I wanna see Drogon. I’m kind of surprise that they killed Hizdhar but since Ser Barristan was already, prematurely, killed off, who will be there to capture him if indeed he had tried to kill Dany like he did in the books. That was a shocker. However, when the Harpy surrounds Dany, Tyrion, and the rest, I was more concerned for Tyrion’s safety. He is one of my characters from the show and books. When Drogon finally shows up, I know she is going to abandon them, and I’m like… no, what’s going to happen to Tyrion? And that’s what I’m still thinking.

In the book, I felt like Dany didn’t mean to run away from everyone, but in the show it makes that seem all the more real. I think she realizes that everything is a lost cause here and that she needs a fresh start but where will she go? I don’t want to give spoilers pass this point for Dany, but the show has butchered her story beyond a point of continuing with the books direction in the end of #5. Plus, I didn’t particularly like the ending of her story ARC in the books either.

Final Thoughts

I am really hoping that the show redeems itself a little after killing off Shireen, in that manner. I am hoping that Sansa is rescued by Brienne but I dunno if that’s just wishful thinking. However, the show has me feeling completely different towards Stannis. In the books, he is more just and noble, not a desperate fool, even when he is desperate. I had hoped that even though he wouldn’t win the Iron Throne, that he would remain an honourable man. But you can’t do that and be a child killer, especially when that child is your own.

The Verdict

2 Stars
2 Stars

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2 responses to “TV Trial: Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9

  1. I love Game of Thrones, really love the novels and the TV series but seeing Shireen burned alive was just far too much. I would much rather it has stuck with the plot from the books but I know they have to make changes for TV but this was just a step too far. Saying that I am looking forward to next weeks final episode, it is worth watching for Tyrion alone! Great post!

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    • Kayla

      So true! I am on the fence about watching but I really need to know what’s going happen to Tyrion! Oh, and what they’re going do with Jon. :O

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