TV Trial: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10

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The Winds of Winter Book Cover The Winds of Winter
Game of Thrones #6.10
Epic Fantasy
David Benioff & D. B. Weiss
June 26, 2016
Miguel Sapochnik

Cersei and Loras trial take place. A new King. A Huge Fleet.

Warning: Spoilers through Season  6 of Game of Thrones

The Winds of Winter

Finally! A Season finale to defeat all season finales [of Game of Thrones]. This was an amazing season finale. While there were some episodes I really liked during this season, this one is definitely my favourite. A lot happens and there’s go much “good” that comes from this episode.

The first 30 minutes was pretty much dedicated to King’s Landing. Cersei has gone fully crazy now. The High Sparrow is so caught up thinking that he has won that he doesn’t even realise, until way too late, that he’s the biggest loser and because of this takes down his whole congregation with him. Margaery, while smart enough to figure that something is wrong, isn’t strong enough to push pass the guards and leave the Sept. In truth, she wouldn’t have made it far enough to avoid the wildfire explosion, but at least she wasn’t so full of herself, as the High Sparrow was. I don’t think for one minute that he was actually doing all this for the gods. He was definitely enjoying himself.

After the Sept blows up, I started to figure that Tommen was about to die but it was still quite a shock when he jumps from the window. Apparently his mother’s “love” isn’t that strong after all. But truly, I think Cersei knew that this would ruin Tommen but she is so scared of facing her crimes, so full of hate for the Septon and Septas, and so consumed with the desire to be queen that she truly didn’t think this one through. View Spoiler ». What I don’t understand is why and how she is crowned queen. No mother inherits a throne from her children. However, it’s not like she’s been listening anyway.

Jaime seems to be bored by Walder Frey’s incessant bragging for which he really has no rights. The only thing he has really done in the war is the orchestration of the Red Wedding. His children didn’t get the Blackfish to surrender, it was Jaime who got Riverrun. We don’t hear from Brienne in this episode.

There were so many amazing points in this episode. Although much people don’t care, Sam has finally arrived in the Citadel to become a maester. Don’t these people there know anything? They still think Jorah Mormont is Lord Commander. But then you realise, Sam didn’t even know that Jon died. Well he’s alive now so I don’t know how relevant the news will be now.

One of my most favoured scene in last night’s episode was the return of Arya to Westeros. The scene slowly unfolded and as it did, I thought it was Jaime who sent someone to end Walder Frey until Arya pulls off a face. She slits his throat the same way he did her mother and can only scream, “yay Cersei’s turn is coming”. I hope that somehow Arya finds Nemeria. I think right now things for her is looking up and it would be good for her to find her wolf. After all only she and Ghost are still alive.

It’s sad that everyone thinks all the Starks but Jon and Sansa are dead when up to an episode ago only Robb and Ned were dead. The world still thinks Bran and Arya are dead. Bran is heading south, but to where I don’t know. Will he tell Jon what he sees when he wargs with the Weirwood at the Wall? The most famous Game of Thrones fan theory has been proven right. Sadly for me, I don’t really care for the [now truth], that Jon is Lyanna’s son and not Ned’s. I don’t care for the fact that he has Targaryen Blood because there was no mention of his parents being married so he is still a bastard. And worst, Rhaegar was married to Elia of Dorne, so how could he get married to Lyanna, unless he did it after his wife and children were killed. But who will know? Everyone’s dead.

However, I do love that there is a new King in the North. Even if he is a Snow, now that he is “king” he can legitimise himself, hehe. I’m glad that Jon isn’t angry at Sansa and I’m glad that Sansa doesn’t take Little Fingers bait. He is one evil bastard. After all he’s done I can’t believe he would actually expect that Sansa would go along with his plan. She has indeed learned, even it was the hard way. Jon sends away Melissandre in this episode although Ser Davos asks that she be executed but I think Jon feels a debt is owed and now this makes them even. She gave him a second chance and he’s given one to her.

Now, back to Cersei and her crazy self. It’s like she feels nothing anymore. It’s not a shocker that she saves a special torture for Septa Unella. But what is surprisingly is how crazy she has become. She killed her uncle in the Sept, and when Qyburn shows her Tommen’s body. She’s just like, “Oh he belongs with his family burn him and put his ashes near the Sept”. I can’t wait till she dies. I mean the prophesy is coming through, she must know that she’s going to die but I guess she figures she’ll take as much people with her as she can.

Now, again you realise that this story is really being rushed. In this episode, Lady Oleanna is already in Dorne. Then Varys shows up there, and by the end of the episode, he’s back with Daenerys and Tyrion. Dorne has now formed an allegiance with Daenerys and so am I assuming will High Garden since the Queen of Thorns is there. That makes two of the Seven Kingdoms who have declared for Daenerys.

Again, I don’t really care for Daenerys but at this point, winter is here and the Others are coming. We will need someone to win the battle against them. Daenerys leaves Daario behind to help her with alliances in Essos and the episode then ends with about a hundred ships sailing towards Westeros.

Final Thoughts

Again, this was an amazing season finale. It’s the first time since watching the show that I am truly looking forward to a new season. It’s funny because you’d think I was excited to see this season but honestly I was so scared that they just butcher the series. Thank goodness they didn’t. The season was so good that I am actually reconsidering to read The Winds of Winter, even though I know the story will be very different.

The Verdict

5+ Stars

5 Stars

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