TV Trial: Game of Thrones S06E08

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No One Book Cover No One
Game of Thrones #6.8
Epic Fantasy
TV Show
Mark Mylod
June 12, 2016
David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

Jaime weighs his options; Cersei answers a request; Tyrion's plans bear fruit; Arya faces a new test.

Warning: Spoilers through Season  6 of Game of Thrones

No One

I’ve rated this one a 4, not because it was a particularly good episode, but it wasn’t a particular bad one either. Some stories are a little closer to where they should be but not quite there. Others have passed well beyond that, and into new territory. But mostly, I gave this one a good rating because something awesome happens in the end.

Brienne and Ser Jaime finally meet again. She offers to talk with The Blackfish and ask that he surrender the castle and in exchange she asks that Jaime let’s him and his men leave unharmed. Jaime agrees but when Brienne tries to convince The Blackfish to surrender his answer to her is the same as before; he will not leave his home.

In the end, Jaime threatens Edmure’s son and gets him to demand entry to Riverrun. When he gets inside he orders that they surrender and that The Blackfish is arrested.  The Blackfish, already figuring out what’s about to happen takes Brienne and Podrick and helps them to escape, but he stays to die. In the novels, Brienne and The Blackfish never meet. And The Blackfish doesn’t die there but escapes, never to be heard from again. I guess this is the show’s way of killing off any possible story plots that may arise from him escaping and being alive.

Now in other news, The Hound goes in search of the men who killed the Septon and his followers. While doing so he runs into Lord Beric [who is still alive which means that Catelyn isn’t, which also means she can’t come back, just in case you were wondering if she would]. Lord Beric allows him to “hang” one of the men to take his revenge and later they camp by a river. Now the whole Catelyn theory doesn’t make sense to me because it’s been a long time since the Red Wedding and she would have been decomposed by now. But it does make me wonder who will be going about getting revenge for her.

In King’s Landing, Cersei is summoned to the Throne room where she finds out that she cannot choose Trial by Combat, since the High Sparrow believes that it’s only a way for guilty people to avoid being punished. So in episode 10 we’ll be seeing her trial and Loras’.

On the other side of the world. The Slavers have come to take back what is theirs and in doing so starts a war with Meereen which they are not prepared for and they are not capable to properly defend themselves. Then while they try to discuss what to do next a noise is heard outside one of the temple’s verandas  and then Dany walks in. Varys goes back to King’s Landing. I will wait to see what happens next in the show before I give away what happened in the books with this part.

Again, we haven’t heard from Bran nor Sam.

Finally we go to Arya. She’s being treated by the actress whom she saved. However, she is still found by the nameless girl and then she goes running through the streets. She falls and opens her wound and starts bleeding all over the place. She finally makes it back to where she was staying after she left the temple of the many face god. She grabs Needle just as the nameless girl comes in and cuts out the candle light. Finally they meet face to face and in the end it is Arya who wanders through the temple and when “Jaqen” follows find her he sees that she has taken the girl’s face. He tells her that now a girl finally has no name. But she says, “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home”.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad that there are more things happening in the show that I actually enjoy. It’s not so much that it’s new material so I can’t compare it to the books because if you have been following my reviews you will note that a lot of this season is still based on the books, although as we go further it gets more into the unknown. I just like that things seem to be working out for the characters I like.

The Verdict

4 Stars

4 Stars

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