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The Door Book Cover The Door
Game of Thrones #6.5
TV Show
David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
May 22, 2016
Jack Bender

Tyrion seeks a strange ally; Bran learns a great deal; Brienne goes on a mission; Arya gets a chance to prove herself.

The Door

This episode was depressing. I would love to hold out and tell you why at the end but I just can’t. A few weeks ago we lost Shaggy Dog and this week’s episode gets more depressing for the Stark’s furry friends. We lost Summer to the wights because Bran, being the curious, naïve child that he is, decides to go and touch the damn tree and warg with it. Why why why…. I hope he accepts the blame for this one when he comes through. Summer allowed him to have legs while he was only a broken boy. And it seems that we are losing Hodor as well.  I’ll be honest, I don’t think finding how how Hodor comes to only say “hodor” will ever be “worth it” to me. It was a bit traumatising to watch. The older Hodor “Holds the Door” while Meera shouts “hold the door”. Then Bran is suck in warg state with the Weirwood, in a time when Hodor was still young. Suddenly it seems he’s been warged and he starts screaming and convulsing, “hold the door”, the same thing Meera shouts to him as an adult, in the future. He eventually shortens it to “hodor” and that’s the only work he says since then. It seems that the warging and trauma addled his brain. It was quite depressing to watch. As for the Child of the Forest who dies dramatically to allow Bran, Meera and Hodor to attempt an escape, I don’t feel any bit for her. She is after all responsible for the creation of the wights through the creation of the White Walker “The Others”. – I hope you caught that last bit. the Children of the forest actually created The Others as a weapon to fight against humans. However, it backfired and they managed to create another enemy to annihilate them.

In other news, :), Petyr Baelish visits Sansa and offers his help but she refuses. He tells her that her uncle as retaken Riverrun and that she must seek his aid. Now while she and Jon meets she doesn’t mention Little Finger at all and Brienne questions her about this and whether she trusts her brother Jon or not. Sansa sends Brienne to meet with the Blackfish on their behalf View Spoiler ». Jon, Sansa and a group consisting of Davos and Melissandre head off to visit as many Northern castles to gain men to retake Winterfell.

In the Iron Islands Euron wins the king’s moot but while he is being baptised in the drowned god’s faith, Theon and Yara [Asha] steal his ships but he vows to build more and sets everyone to work.

In Braavos, Arya is given a mission to kill an actress and she decides to stay and watch the actress in action. The play is a humour recount of her father’s beheading. Her reaction to the play proves that she has not converted to this “no one” who the faceless men want her to be. Must of the play is actually “factually” incorrect.

Over to Vaes Dothrak, Ser Jorah confesses that he has always loved Dany and also that he has greyscale. Dany tells him that she has ordered him away many times and he has always returned. Now she is ordering him to find a cure for his sickness. And then he leaves and Dany and her new subjects head towards Meereen.

In Meereen, Tyrion meets with a Red Priestess. He hopes that she will advocate Dany towards the people and let them know that everything that is being done while she is away is still the work of Dany. Varys doesn’t trust the Red Priestess because of what has happened with Stannis and his faith in the Lord of Light. But the Priestess only smiles and tells him of when he was younger a truth that I suppose he has not told anyone of how he became a eunuch.

Final Thoughts

All in all it was an okay episode. The most interesting thing that happen was also the very worst thing in the episode. We lost 2 of our characters in this episode.

The Verdict

3 Stars

3 Stars

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