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Game of Thrones: The Red Woman Book Cover Game of Thrones: The Red Woman
Game of Thrones #6.1
TV Show
David Benioff, D. B. Weiss
April 24, 2016
Jeremy Podeswa

The fate of Jon Snow is revealed; Daenerys meets a strong man; Cersei sees her daughter again.

The Red Woman

The most recent episode of Game of Thrones, is like a teaser to the season. For fans of the books, it’s like a slap in the face knowing that you’ve waited many years for a Book 6 that just never came. Quite frankly, I think I may never read it when it comes out, or at least I won’t rush to read it. IF I do read it this is what I’ll need.

  • Reassurance that 7 books are all there’s going to be since we will already know how the bloody story ends, eh.
  • Book 7 to be submitted for publishing [at least] before I take the plunge of reading another 1200+ pages of another A Song of Ice and Fire book.
  • No damn spin offs. Martin has suggested that there is room for spin offs from the show but honestly, I just wanna be done with this GoT commitment. It’s like a bad friendship that you’re putting off ending because the two of you got along so well in the past but you really don’t have anything in common anymore.

Good. Now that that’s off my chest – so to speak, let’s get into how I feel about this episode.

My Thoughts

The show producers have already said that Jon. Snow. is. DEAD. However, they waited until just before the season started and, of course you know about the million Jon Snow fan theories out there, that it makes me wonder if it’s a ruse to throw people off. Like, I’m thinking, “Yes, perhaps he is dead…. for now.”

We cling to all these theories because Martin has done such a good job of creating a million story lines and back stories, like Rhaegar and Lyanna and Azor Ahai. But then you realise that Stannis is dead, and Jon is dead and they were our only hope. So… now what? With Stannis being dead it proved that he wasn’t Azor Ahai reborn but that doesn’t mean it has to be Jon. It could be that that one theory was completely wrong.

So now we’re stuck in the aftermath of Jon’s death where Ser Allister Thorne is acting like he’s been chosen as the new Lord Commander. Anyone who’s on Jon’s side is now seen as an enemy to the Night’s watch. Even Ser Davos is thrown into the mix. View Spoiler » It’s funny how his death, like his father, is starting a battle, if not a war.

Then we see where Sansa and Theon are being hunted by Ramsay’s dogs. Thankfully Brienne has been following her and she finally gets the opportunity to swear fealty to the Lady Sansa. View Spoiler »

Down in King’s Landing we briefly see Margaery locked up in her cell. View Spoiler » Cersei doesn’t really seem  to be a broken as I thought she would be. View Spoiler » Jaime is at her side and it seems he wants to flaunt their relationship in everyone’s face.

I have no idea what’s happening down in Dorne with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes killing Prince Doran and his son Trystane. View Spoiler »

We see Arya, but only for a bit. Begging on the street and then the girl from the House of Many Faces, comes and challenges her to a fight.View Spoiler »

I’m sure I missed some stuff but it probably wasn’t too exciting anyway. We didn’t get to see Bran but the previews of the next episode promises to shed some light on what he’s been up to.

The episode ends with the reasoning behind our episode’s name. Melisandre undresses and removes her ruby necklace…. what a shocker there. I really didn’t think she was that old. But then why is this being revealed? Did she take off the ruby because she has lost her faith [again killing the Jon Snow theory], or does she do this every night? Will she survive the night? You know how age can catch up to you.

All in all, the episode just whets your appetite. It was good overall but definitely not one of the best.

The Verdict

3 Stars

3 Stars

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