TV Trial: Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 – Part 1

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This series takes The Walking Dead fans back to the beginning of the zombie plague. While the original series and comics started when Rick Grimes awakes weeks after zombies have taken over, this show follows Maddie and Travis, a couple who have almost grown children from previous relationships. The couple, their “extended families” and others will slowly realise what’s happening and come to terms with the situation in their own ways.


This show is off to a slow start. Some people may find this to be a problem however, I think it’s quite realistic. I mean, if a zombie plague started today, how many of us would know? The only problem I have though, is that after watching The Strain it does seem a little too slow. However, note to self, the characters in The Strain were the first to come into contact with the vampires after the initial upset, while the folks in this series are just plain regular folks. And sometimes they are the last to know what’s going on.

What really bugs me though, about some characters, namely Maddie and Travis is that they both encounter a “walker” or whatever their going to call them, they see what they do, and yet they still try to “converse” and “rationalise” with the zombies. It just makes me wanna smack some sense into them.

Then just as I want to like Daniel, a barber who Travis links up with after they seek refuge in his shop, he makes a crazy decision to stay back with his wife who has been injured like we don’t see the halo of death over her and we all know what happens then…

Some of these characters are pretty frustrating to deal with. Don’t get me wrong though, The Walking Dead did and still has some of these annoying characters who make you want to cheer when they get bitten by a walker.

It will be good though for us to see how these people turn into their badass-zombie-killing-selves, much like the ones we meet in the beginning of The Walking Dead. I hope the show gets renewed because I think it needs at least a few seasons to do it justice.

Final Thoughts

Although people can be annoying, I love that the show is realistic and tries to make us see how real people would react to these situations. Although people do stupid things in crises, it’s still pretty real, and we can’t change it.

The Verdict

4 Stars

4 Stars


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