Blog Resources #2: Evernote

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This is a special segment where I share resources that we use to manage the blog. They are compiled in one section, accessible from the main menu, so that you can find them in the future = Resources.

Today, I want to talk about Evernote. This is an amazing note talking app and I use this along with Penultimate for my purpose. When we had the free version of WordPress, it was easy to create a new post from an old post. However, in the self hosted version this is not an option. Also, as we went along we kept updating the templates, and adding different types of reviews. Sometimes it’s a paid to format your divs right and such, so why do it over every time. Now I use Evernote to keep my templates together, along with blog post ideas. I have a checklist with several posts ideas I want to do.

Evernote is also so amazing that I use it in many other aspects of my life, including work, for all my many email templates, blog ideas for my work’s internal blog, and other things I need to remember. I also use it for saving learning material, things I looked up and will need to find in the future, for my personal To do’s and coupled with penultimate, I use this to take notes when watching Game of Thrones.

  • Sync across computers and devices. I have it on my phone, tablet, work computer and home computer. You can set your sync intervals so that your notes can stay updated on all devices or sync on demand. On Android you can also download entire notebooks but not on iOS unless you have the premium version [sucks for me, no android or premium].
  • Sharing. You can share your notes using various methods.
  • Easy, Clean Interface. The layout is very easy to follow and can be configured to view your notes in different ways including lists, previews, and thumbnails.
  • Free. Evernote is available for free, as long as you don’t need to use more than 65 mb uploads per month. If you are saving mostly text notes and even images, this should be enough. However, if you want to save videos or audio you will probably need to upgrade to premium.
  • Notebooks. Use notebooks to group all your notes into different subject areas or areas of priority.  I use Notebooks to group all my similar notes. I have one note book particularly for the blog.
  • Tags. I use tags to tag my notes by keywords, and also by Year and by Year-Month. Example 2015, 2015-05. This way it’s even easier to look for notes from certain time periods. This is useful for larger notebooks.
  • Reminders. You can set a note to remind you and it will do so on your computer or on your mobile device. You can then mark this task as done when you are finished.
  • Sharing. You can share by email, link,  or via work chat [I haven’t used this as yet]. It connects to your gmail contact list but you can just enter the email you want to send to. I use the email feature to email updated templates to my mom since she doesn’t have Evernote.

I’ve been using evernote for years now. I save my CMD commands, keyboard shortcuts, and more and if I didn’t have it, my life would be much less organised.

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2 responses to “Blog Resources #2: Evernote

  1. I started using it again recently because it was great for writing blog posts on the iPad. I don’t have to bother with emailing the document to myself, and I could just grab it from Evernote on the web after uploading the file. I don’t think I’m even using it to its full functionality, but it’s definitely really helpful!

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    • Kayla

      Kool. I know there’s much more ways to use it, probably, but I just love having things easy to search for when I need it.

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