Bucket List #1: Egypt

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Hi everyone!

As a part of branching off, and doing my own thing, I’ve decide to do a new segment called, “Kayla’s Bucket List – Things I’d like to do before I retire”. This is not intended as a weekly, or even regular segment. It’s also not intended to be a permanent segment. I’ll just fill it up as I go along with things I want to do before I retire. Most of them will probably be short posts that I’ll do whenever I come up with some thing that I feel I must do before I retire.

I am aspiring to retire at age 55. For a lot of people, that’s not an option, but that’s my aspiration. Although there are things I want to do when I’m retired, I also have some things that I may have to do before then because it would probably be better to do it when young, or it would be expensive to do on a reduced budget. I’m numbering these, but it’s not based on priority only on the order in which I am sharing them.

#1 Visit Egypt [probably by River Cruise]

This one is expensive. I looked it upĀ and it would cost a lot. Viking River Cruises has a really nice 12-day Egypt cruise. Ever since I was little, I was one of those weird children with a fascination for History. I love historical information. I remember watching and reading anything about Egypt that I could. Even now, if there’s something on TV about Egypt, I’ll probably stop and watch it.


Aside from that, I always used to day-dream about being a reincarnated Egyptian princess. I just think everything I’ve learnt about the place is beautiful, and I’d really like to experience it in real life.

Do you want to visit Egypt?

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