Random Musings: Doing your own Thing

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Random Musings Doing your own thing

It was always been important to me, to do my own thing. However, doing your own thing is always the hardest thing to do. It’s like, you’re a fish trying to swim in a different direction from everyone else. Now, imagine if everyone was doing their own thing, swimming in their own direction. It would be utter chaos, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, there will always be someone doing similar things; you don’t have to do things alone. The minute you break way from the crowd, and decide to go your own way, you will have noticed that others felt the same way you did. Even if you’re the first one.

Break away from the crowd

Why am I talking like this; you may be asking. It’s because even here, on this blog, I like to do my own things. It’s hard to do things differently sometimes, because it means most people are doing the opposite. When I started the blog, I wanted it to be a book blog. I wanted to post reviews to books I read, whether I loved them or hated them. But the more I try to fit in to everyone’s mold, the more I realise that it’s not the way I want to go.

For example, I started to do the Top Ten Tuesdays, because there was a lot of participation, and I wanted to feel like a part of the community. Then I realised, I don’t want to do Top Ten Tuesdays [at least not all the time]. I tried, Waiting on Wednesdays and I realised that I didn’t really have a million books that I was anticipating, and that it didn’t make much sense either. I think I can post those once in a while, because I do have books I want to read which will be coming out soon.

It’s hard but satisfying, and there’s much less pressure

In the last 10 months, I have tried lots of things I see others do on their blogs, but most of the time, I just don’t like the way it’s done. When I tried to participate in memes from other bloggers, I felt pressured to write something, and I didn’t really like the content I came up with. It felt rushed and meaningless.

I have changed my review template a few times. Everyone vaguely talks about the book, but I like to give details. I like to have spoilers. I think the reason why is because, for so long, I have been telling people, who will never read the book, what it’s about.

Some people like spoilers

I’ve come to realise that some people like spoilers. I do, sometimes. I have read many spoilers about A Song of Ice and Fire, The Mortal Instruments, etc. I know it kind of spoils it, sometimes, but it also helps me to know if I really want to waste my time waiting for the next book in the series.

I think I am never as happy with life, unless I am doing my own thing. Being separate from the school. Travelling the path of most resistance. Do I get a million fans for that? Not really, but I don’t care. I just love doing my own thing.

In fact, I love doing my Random Musings. It’s one of my favourite types of posts because I can write about whatever the heck I feel like for the day. They always take the least bit of time, because I love talking about things I want to talk about. The words flow more naturally from my mind.

This mindset is why you will now notice that my tagline has changed from “The Verdict on books have been handed down” to just, “Verdict has been handed down”. I have realized that I want my blog to be about more than just books. I’ve already started with a few movies and GoT TV show. This is my court, where I pass judgement on whatever I want 🙂 ; even life.

Do you believe in going with the flow, or going against it?

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