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This year was a good year of reading for me. Although I probably would have surpassed my reading challenge this year if I hadn’t gotten pregnant, I would not trade this experience for anything. In just 7 weeks [or there about] I will get to meet my little one and my life will continue to change. I only have 3 books left to read for this year and although I only managed to read 2 of the four I set out to read last month, I know that I can get these last 3 done.

My challenge last month was fatigue [again]. With the baby getting bigger I’ve been getting sleepy again at an earlier time. However, I’ve managed to get in tons of time in my TV show ‘catch-up’. I’ve finished the Stargate SG-1 series and watched the final movie, “The Ark of Truth”. I’m now half way into Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis.

At first, I was on the fence about watching SG-1 after O’Neill left the SGC. That’s McGuyer for you folks who don’t watch Stargate. But then Cameron grew on me and the story continued to stay interesting although I feel like there were tons of filler episodes thrown it to make up the 20 or so episode quota that they apparently had. The 200th episode was both ridiculous and funny. Even Vala grew on me. And who would think I’d do that? She was so annoying at first.

I’ve started to watch Grimm Season 5 and I have to say it’s pretty weird what their doing with Nick and Adalind. But if you haven’t been watching this season, do catch up. I need to see what’s happening with Trubel. It feels so strange waiting each week for a new episode to be aired. Last week there was no episode and this week I’ll be attending my son’s Christmas Programme, so I will need to catch up on this episode as well.

I’ve finally started to watch the second season of American Horror Story, Asylum, which I’ve never finished. I’ve been dying to finish this one since everyone insists that it’s the best season so far. I am contemplating getting the current season after it’s finished too and watching that since my husband doesn’t care to watch them anymore.

In book related news, I have been super busy these past weeks at work with writing a manual [or 2] and it’s impossible to listen to an audiobook and write properly so there was no hope to get in audiobook time to finish up the Doctor Sleep. I am going to start the Deceits of Borneo this weekend. Hope that one goes quickly, as expected. After getting those done, I get to pick one book from my list of a million books I want to read. I’m definitely going to finish up my Miss Peregrine series. My son said he wanted to read the series with me but we can read that at another time. He’s 2 books behind.

Well that’s it for now. This will be the last “Reading List Update” that I feature. I’m planning to change to something different for the new year. If you noticed, I kinda already changed up the content here and included some other things I’ve doing in the last month. I’m not sure what I will call this new feature as yet either.

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