Carnival In Belize (Pics Included)

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My humble apologies for posting late this past weekend. On Saturday, we had our annual Carnival Road March which we normally have as a part of our September Celebrations.  In September we have our biggest national holidays: the oldest, St. George’s Caye Day (216th) on September 10th, and our Independence Day (33rd) on September 21st. We have something planned for every weekend since the end of August, every year.

It started with the National Song Competition in August where musical artists from around the country created an original song either in the Carnival or Patriotic categories.  We had our annual Queen of the Bay Competition and 10th of September celebrations which included a People’s parade and block party which we call “Jump Up”. We had a commercial expo where Belizean companies from all over had great deals and sales on their products and services and later people went to the Sir Barry’s Belikin Bash hosted by our local Belikin Beer.

This weekend we had what people refer to as the 36-hour shift, Wet Fete (a Soca-Punta-Water pre-J’ouvert concert), J’ouvert and Carnival Road March followed by another “Jump Up”.

For independence weekend we’ll be having a Soca Fest Concert with the international Soca artist Machel Montana, Independence Day Uniform parade and Jump-Up. And this is just for Belize City.  Some people attend all of these events however I only make it to a few every year. My husband and I are contemplating going to the next District, Orange Walk, for their Carnival but we’ll see how that goes.

Here are some pictures my husband took during Saturday’s Carnival Road March.

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