Bucket List: Disney World

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Bucket List ImageThis post is a part of my personal series, “Kayla’s Bucket List – Things I’d like to do before I retire”. 

It’s been over a year since I’ve added something to my bucket list. It’s not something that I want to fill up with a million things that will never happen. I want this list to be doable.

As a child who doesn’t want to go to Disney World or Disneyland? I did, but I never got the opportunity.


I realised the other day that my son is 11 years old and has never been and now my 7 month old is too young to go anytime soon. I don’t want him to turn 18 and didn’t get the chance to go. But, I know that my daughter needs to be a bit older to make the trip enjoyable for everyone and memorable for her.

I’m thinking we’ll probably go when she’s about 4 years old, because everyone should be able to enjoy it by then. Disney World is just one of those places where I don’t feel like you have to be a child to enjoy. Everyone has been a fan of some movie that was produced by Disney. In fact, Disney is behind some movies that aren’t even traditionally “Disney” type. These days they make movies for all ages.

Wall remember those carefree days as children where we could sleep late if we wanted and, we didn’t have to pay bills. And seriously, we watch those Disney children’s movies with our children and come out enjoying them just as much, if not more than we used to.

So then, Disney is for everyone. I think some day I may even just take a trip with my husband, after the children are grown.

Did you visit Disney World? At what age? I’d love to know.


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2 responses to “Bucket List: Disney World

  1. Mylyn Pou

    I was 11 when i first went to DisneyLand. I remember having fun with my cousins and sister. We were a little too young to go on all the rides but we still enjoyed that experience. I am a totally Disney fan as I always hope to be back at Disney and fortunately I’ve been blessed participating in the International Disney College program. Since completing my program I’ve been back to Disney World twice and DisneyLand once. I totally agree with you that DisneyLand and Disney World is not only for Kids but for adults too. I must say my experiences at Disney as an adult have been a lot more enjoyable rather than a child because I get to go on the big rides 😁… Mickey Pou

    • Kayla

      That’s my sentiments exactly. My poor daughter won’t be able to go on all the rides but at least she can still have fun. I think my son is tall enough to go on most of the rides from now. If he can’t go then I will probably can’t either. 🙂

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